Social Anxiety: Help To Overcome Shyness Social anxiety can be a crippling state of mind and can prevent people from living fulfilling lives. For some, shyness and fear of taking to or meeting other people can mean they never ever go out. Social anxiety isnt something you were born with, it is something you learned and we know you did not learn it deliberately. The good news is that it does not matter why you are so shy and anxious around people, the mental patterns, the imagined and real fears can be effectively dealt with using hypnosis and NLP. Because we do not waste time talking about your childhood or the and things that have happened to you (if going over the past would have helped you would already be OK), and because we focus on what IS going on in your mind, on the habits you have learned, these techniques often bring about rapid, positive and lasting cure. So it isnt really therapy for social anxiety, it is more a combination of education, training and reconditioning, not so much moving you away from shyness, but moving you towards more balanced and appropriate feelings of confidence. Anyone can learn to overcome shyness, however bad it has been in the past, and the techniques we use have been proven to be effective time and time again with all forms of anxiety and anxiousness, so do get in touch with us for help with these problems, as this treatment, or these treatments, tend to be very effective, very quickly, in the majority of cases. JustBeWell is based in the UK, the USA

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ZELFHYPNOSE VOOR ZELFVERTROUWEN EEN POSITIEF ZELFBEELD NLP EFT Schrijf Je Gratis In Op De Nieuwsbrief Voor Tips en Technieken Op Gebied Van Spirituele en Persoonlijke Groei, Zensatie, NLP, EFT http
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Stop Procrastination: How To Just Get On With It Procrastination may not sound like a big deal but it can be one of the most crippling conditions a human can suffer from because it just stops them doing things. Things such as getting a relationship, applying for a job, doing their homework, putting the trash out. Yet you can learn to stop procrastination and just get on with your life because what we are talking about here is a mental pattern, a habit, if you like, and habits can be changes. So you can overcome procrastination and learn to feel motivated to take appropriate action. The nature of this condition can make it very difficult for a person to get help because they cant stop procrastinating when they think about getting help. And when people do contact us there is usually an endless series of questions before they decide to book an appointment, if they can stop procrastinating long enough. In many ways, procrastination is the opposite of motivation, so we look at what exactly someone is doing in their head that stops them doing things, Then using proven techniques from the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy, we train them to think in such a way as the idea of moving towards a useful outcome is more empowering than not moving towards it. Call on of us to find out more, the JustBeWell team is established in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA, and we will be please to see how we can help you overcome procrastination once and for all.
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Richard Bandler and John la Valle’s DVD: Persuasion Engineering.

For many years now, the single most important professionals in the world have been ignored by our educational institutions: Sales. Combining NLP & Design Human Engineering™, Richard Bandler’s lastest discoveries in the field of human development, the success patterns that he has been teaching for years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ plus John La Valle’s innovative applications in the business arena, Persuasion Engineering™ provides new insights into the selling process. Richard’s genius and indepth understanding of how the brain works and how we use our communicating processes to generate behaviors unconsciously stand out on their own and speak for themselves. John’s success in business is solidly based on his unique ability to present seemingly complex issues simply. Having studied some of the most successful business people and applying these discoveries, this material is presented for even the novice to understand. It covers everything from the beginning of the sales process through the close. Using everyday human communication factors that are present in every situation imaginable, you can learn to take these factors to engineer your sales approach on-the-fly, as each situation deserves. With so many available sales ideas out there, none of them address the simple, basic and powerful techniques you can learn from this program. For the experienced in NLP™, how does one connect representational systems, meta-programs, Meta Model™ and the structure of language, both
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Neath Valley Stages [HD]

Here is the complete action from the Neath Valley Stages
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