1 Interpreting Media NLP Neuro-linguistic programming

1 Interpreting Media NLP Neuro-linguistic programming Neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) is a controversial interpersonal communication model applied in psychotherapy and other contexts of communication and change. It was initially co-created by Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the 1970s based on the communication and behavioral patterns acquired from gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, family systems therapist Virginia Satir and psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson. The originators emphasize modeling of excellence as the core methodology of NLP, that is, the methods they used to imitate and produce the models of exceptional communicators. They also claim that the basic assumptions of NLP draw from aspects of neurology (“neuro-“), transformational grammar (“linguistics”) and cybernetics (“programming”). It has often been promoted as an art and science of effective communication and defined as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’. Others put more emphasis on the tools, techniques and applications specific to contexts such as psychotherapy, business management and communications training, motivational seminars, personal development, and teaching. en.wikipedia.org
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  1. believing is creationalist, knowing is factual and evidential

  2. This is absolute genius. I wish somebody would send this video to the poor professor!

  3. @TheNightwing01 was only playing around having fun .. . you are totally forgiven . . . NLP / manipulation? well just plain arrogance the newscaster is very much the jerk off & should maintain neutrality but then they are in the employ of the most mind controlling sickos the world has ever known .. .. .

  4. @HeLpLOstGOdAny1 You do see that I fixed that error before you even replied right??

  5. @TheNightwing01 hello . . .hope you’re good – Did you KNOW that the word NO Means to not or opposite of yes? Did you KNOW that the word KNOW means to understand or comprehend something? Did you KNOW that to attempt to sway opinions of others you need be educated yourself to basic linguistic ability? Hope this helps, p.s. I’m not using NLP here . .. over

  6. @TheNightwing01 LOL, these newscasters are using pure NLP. The video analysis is spot on.


  8. This is not I repeat not NLP. This is one mans poor try at making you think that news casters know NLP. Further he cites Wikipedia which is not a reliable place to get scientific information. For a ” truther” he is lying a lot.

  9. @Blacksky17
    The narrator is Jonathan, known on the internet as “AdamPants” please check out the documentary “Religion” uploaded by Triplexity. It features him.

  10. To know what is going on in the world, we must be able to see through the media. I agree that the media needs to be neutral at all times.

  11. Most, if not all of the tactics that you’re talking about come mainly from a good understanding of debate rather than actual knowledge of NLP. Also, you need to understand that just because they are using debate tactics, that does NOT debunk the credibility of their argument.


  13. There is no NLP being used in this video. NLP is not defined as, “Any form of manipulation possible in any context.” This person is just using a fluff word he probably saw associated with “mind control” which was associated with hypnosis and started running his mouth. There’s no credibility to what he says. However, that doesn’t make the people in this video any less manipulative. It’s simply not NLP though. It’s fox news tactics which are different. Just setting things straight.

  14. Maybe the NLP got to Barrett himself, he came to call in his blogs for overthrow of the Obama government, for the Governor’s house to be burned down, and for 500,000 zionists to be rounded up and put in FEMA camps.

    For more about Dr. Barrett see my video “Kevin Barrett Go to Your Room”

  15. Stephen Colbert IS great at it, but his show is not meant to be taking seriously. It’s on Comedy Central ffs lol.

  16. good analyzing

  17. Pretty interesting…

  18. Love this video! Keep up the great work! Everything you said I understood and see as well. Wonderful observations and thank you for sharing. The media can be extremely evil and manipulative. This is nothing new.

  19. Can anyone tell me who is the narrator?, and where did the vid come from?

  20. @BushidoCode72 ROFL, none of the Zeitgeist films cost millions to make. You fail

  21. @BushidoCode72 You’re a complete idiot. If you did any research whatsoever you would realize that 9/11 was clearly orchestrated and carried out by a combination of people inside western governments and intelligence agencies. There is an extensive amount of evidence that proves the planning and the white washing of what actually happened on 9/11. Don’t say stupid things like “this professor has no proof”, it shows you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and it makes you look stupid.

  22. he is also throwing the 6 at 4.59 which is illuminati symbol for 666 the sign of satan.aapropraite for Fox news!

  23. @1984IcameandIstayed The conspiracy theorists like this professor are the ones who are liars. As a matter of fact, Ed Schults himself (Liberal) said that film makers like the ones who make movies like Zeitgeist are basically manipulating the public. This professor has NO evidence of anything. He is teaching his opinion as fact (NLP tactic?). Sean Hannity may be a snake, okay, but it does’t make this professor less of a snake.

  24. @KingFahtah Thank you. Thank you. NLP Is used on CNN more than FOX and MSNBC uneducated journalists like Rachel Meadow do the same thing. I don’t feel sorry for this college professor because he is lying to his students. The control demolition, disappearing plain, no video of Pentagon crash, no wreckage of plane crashed in the field, etc. have all been debunked. This professor is the one who misdirects his students.

  25. @nwoisnow Sean Hannity may be a snake, but no more a snake than that college professor brainwashing students. If you look at MSNBC and CNN you will see that the jouranlists do the same thing. I hate FOX but hey, lets be fair here. There professor is an idiot, he brainwashes his students and as far as NLP tactics, other news stations do the same thing.

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