10. NLP Picture Switching & Faster EFT

All problems are based on what you do inside your mind. As you begin to understand that its a skill to feel bad, then, when you understand the process of change you will make changes faster. Learn how to avoid feeling bad when you recall good memories.Heal your life! Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the skill that enables you to affect the Law of Attraction, The Secret. The truth is revealed by using the EFT tapping, which is 100% naturally effective. It is the easiest, fastest way to lose weight by reaching your ideal body weight with your mind. Learn why it’s so hard to give it up! The odds are stacked against you if you have limiting beliefs and mental programs installed from your life experiences. Learn the truth and gain freedom. www.fastereft.com Start your day right with a positive dose of Faster EFT, Freedom at Your Fingertips. You can gain • Self confidence • Personal power • Fulfillment • Success • Abundance • Inner peace • Gratitude • Joy • Dreams • Midas touch • Peace of mind • Freedom • Stress-free • Released anxiety • Financial freedom • How to have it all • Truth • Potential • Willpower • Life purpose • Life changing transformation • Goals • Motivation Learn to tap away problems with one of Robert’s user-friendly videos. You can relieve: • Depression • Fear • Pain • Trauma • Anger • Headache • Low self-esteem • Overwhelming problem • Debt • Dysfunctional relationship • Bad habit • Compulsion • Obsession • Addiction • Disease • Allergy

20. June 2011 by Admin
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  2. hi robert! .my problem is when I think I never get any happy memory.Even with my happy times there re negatives so l can’t feel tht feeling.Some time I feel safe to be sad I sense.I’m helpless pls help me.

  3. This was really great! I feel 100 % better! Thank you for being a light.

  4. Thank you so much , Robert. I needed this today.

  5. when i was 9 years old i hade a similar problem i hade this imagenery friend inwitch i used cose i hade no friends wht i wud do withe this friend is make pets ..like i wud imagen that he thinks the teacher will enter the class in 2 mins and id be like ..no 3 mins after the months i lost controle over this… i felt forced to make the pets …but wht i did at the age of 9 witch i consider amezing is i made one last pet withe hem and if he was to lose he wud die. it worked

  6. This technique is awesome!!!. I am amazed that there is so much information in one video.
    I know I can become whole again.
    Thank you for all you do, Verve.

  7. I am so very proud of you and you get high fives, two thumbs up for being wise enough to use what works… Peace Robert

  8. I would like to thank you for this valuable information. You helped me deal with the way I viewed a memory that I had resolved, but didn’t know that I had. My shattered heart has not been glued back together, but has been made whole again. Thank you!

  9. Thanks, of course fractionation will destroy the bad trances!

  10. Darn you’re smart.
    After reading “Monsters and Magical Sticks” I’m starting to see all of these changes as involving some trance. Yes, even eft.

  11. Yes.

  12. I noticed the tapping you did while she was verbalizing was quick and almost seemed to resemble a ‘confusion” method as used in hypnosis – i.e., in a good way.

  13. Thank you and the brilliance is you have it!!!

  14. This is freakin brilliant thanks

    Watch the divine matrix and wher mind meets matter

  15. Hey can you check out my videos im a comedian I worked really hard one my most recent video So check my channel and if you wanna be mean thats what the comment box is for so enjoy 😀

    Thanks Guys

  16. it is working.i am moving bad picture and thinking good picture and good feelings….
    thanks robert.this is the best way ever i tryed

  17. lame as fuck. True the technique is good. but such a lame ass presentation. Also was the beginning guy who was saying the (incorrect) stuff about “memories don’t matter blah blah” (even though they do remarkably) was he a plant? like planted? sounded deliberately dumb sounding lol. okay, I obviously didn’t care for this clip haha.

  18. Love your technique……..


  19. I LOVE this!!!!! Highly recommended. 😀

  20. You have some awesome videos, I hope you post more videos!

  21. He had me picture the lizards. The picture in my head was of me looking up at them so he showed me that I was creating that picture. In “real” life I could only look up and see the lizards-I wouldn’t be in the picture. Then he had me focus on a good picture in my mind and move it behind the picture of the lizards. The good picture deleted the lizard picture. From then on I could go through my front door with lizards living above it and not think that they were going to fall down on me.

  22. Hi. I have a phobia of fish. Will this technique work for this? Do tell how you overcame you fear of lizards.

  23. Robert used this technique to permanently remove my fear of lizards. He helped my realize that the fear was not real and that I was creating it. Robert’s techniques work. They are fast, easy and can change your life.

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