101. Part 1 -Language of the Soul Faster EFT NLP

www.fastereft.com Thank you so much for sharing so many of your videos on My Space. work with at risk teen girls and some of them have joined my myspace page because they trust me. I have sent out video #69, it gets to the point fast. A few of my girls have fathers in jail for trying to kill their mothers, some don’t have access to computers, but I feel like if the tapping hit the playground, a whole community of kids might get through elementary school, yes I have 1-6th graders under tremendous stress. Again thank you so much for your generosity, I know that you will receive much abundance for doing such important work. Like I tell my girls, You are a courageous diamond and perfect in every way. Peace, SunShine

02. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. WOW … you just totally explained why I can answer questions about stuff that I didnt even think i knew!!!
    Robert… have you been told today … You Rock!!!

  2. thanks,
    the secret was good for what it was for,a spring board.
    ester and jerry hicks are a little better,but they never talk about the emotional and biological blocks,we need bring to conscious,embrace an honor them,or else they block ,and cause you to fail.it is your body protecting you.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. This is very important. Many self improvement/reality concept videos such as The secret etc, do not deal with healing the inner self, especially for individuals suffering from childhood trauma. This and other of your videos enables people to recognise the “saboteur” within and heal WHILST using positve affirmations and changing belief systems.

  5. thanks…

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