102. Part 2 -Language of the Soul Faster EFT NLP

www.fastereft.com Hi Robert, I LOVE your new videos.. I could watch you all day!! You really need to come to Australia, I’d love to be in the same room as you to see what other changes we can make. Feeling much better since our phone sessions!! PLEASE keep adding more videos. PEACE
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30. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. You have a real gift, and I am blown away by the deep content of your videos. I really will follow up with the DVD’s.

  2. There is so much to cover in youtube videos but as I have always taught when you clear the forest you build a new way of looking at things or create a memory of what you want instead of what you dont want. My training dvds cover so much. PEACE Robert

  3. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for the videos. I think you are on to something really big with your unique synthesis of EFT and NLP.
    At the end of this video, you talk about the feeling of “spin” (after blowing away the ashes) as the right direction to follow. I don’t find a reference to this in your other videos, and I would like you to elaborate on this “spin” or devote a video to it. I think it would be helpful to all of us once we have cleared the forest of bad memories.

  4. Robert,
    Thank you for the tools to heal! This is an excellent explanation of how the repetitive behavioral patterns established from false beliefs we acquired as children continue to control our adult lives. I had developed skills to see some patterns, but I still lacked the tools to release their power over my present — until now. I like this powerful visualization technique for changing and releasing bad memories without any tapping. Peace G:-)

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