122 Loneliness and Procrastination Faster EFT

www.fastereft.com Why we do procrastination and the common theme loneliness is something we are doing to our self.

26. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @anitabaker10 Anyways understading and finding how to overcome is a solution too, you can not say time is the only one solution lol since it’s not, but it’s the inevitable…. and eventho some peple are not able to overcome with the time because their memory is still alive, that’s the reason of many therapies……….


  3. Wow … this got me! rewound it also and really helped me! thanks 🙂

  4. I feel better but got a SPLITTING head ache right after doing this…
    Im not sure if something entered my head or escaped me completely…
    Thank you

  5. I really identify with this. Both of you helped me a lot here. Thanks.

  6. @poweroftheatom

    Video 118 here on my youtube.

  7. What is the homework please?

  8. the hardest part is doing it. unless your like me fucking 1000 thoughts per second.

  9. he squeezes the wrist

  10. Nice, pretty lady. Interesting video, too.

  11. i also practice often….. 🙁

  12. because of tapping I have improved my putting! Whenever I feel nervous on the green now, I just remember all I have to do is ‘tap it in. just tap it in. tap tap tap-aroo”.

    thanks robert! if there is a god I hope he blesses you

  13. wow, intense.

  14. wot’s the last thing he taps cos u cant see it

  15. RUBBISH!
    This loss can only be overcome with time, not with a couple of jokes and games with peoples’ mind!

  16. Great, thanks.

  17. Thank You

  18. then dont procrastinate

  19. this was a powerful video for me–it cleared some emotions…thanks

  20. “I don’t watch TV!”

  21. great thank you!

  22. Oh what a uplifting video ;O)
    Thank you Robert

  23. this is my fav*missy

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