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www.fastereft.com When you begin to understand that trance happens all the time, and knowing that we all are hypnotists we will be able to transform your life.
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26. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Robert… as humble as you are it has to be said that you are… lol .. ok seriously .. if there is something that i dont like about someone doesn’t that serve me well to stay away from them? I would have seen that as a form of growth that I am not repeating old patterns…. ? ( bet you answered that in a video some where eh)
    Thanks again, Andrea

  2. What is EFT?

  3. Cerph,
    Read also Eckhart Tolle. Lots of videos with him on youtube.

  4. Simple explanations of how the whole thing works.

    How Robert managed to figure this out amazes me. I’ve studied the subject all my life (understanding the truth about how we get screwed up). Have waited to hear someone like Robert put it all together in a simple system that works.

    And in an easy conversational style too.

    Thank you!

  5. Why is this video no longer available?

  6. watch the video ZEITGEIST

  7. Why are you not on “TV” every day instead of hours of “people’s” courts cases?

    Could you imagine Maury’s and Jerry’s etc. guests all getting freedom from their dysfunction in public broad daylight?

    Plus the airfare: PRICELESS!

  8. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

  9. I agree with you 100% George is doing the best he can with what he is given. I am not anchoring George, your dog or husband but you are being triggered by your own issues by watching this video. I love George and you as I love myself. I do suggest that when you feel emotions when politics are discussed, notice your reaction & tap it away. But I will freely discuss anything I wish and take full responsibility of my own reactions. Watch the video again & free yourself. You are awesome! Peace

  10. Robert, I love your teaching all except for one thing. Please stop anchoring our President, George Bush, as something to blame for you problems. He did very well with the mess left to him by Hillary and Billary. He deserves his props for that, and also for his understanding that if you don’t take the fight to the enemy, they will attack your home and kill your family. As they did on 9/11/01.Thanks to a tactical error made by President Clinton.Probably you would be well advised to avoid politics.

  11. Oh, thank you. You just made me feel good. Peace Robert

  12. Robert, I love love love your videos. My life has improved from tapping along with them. Thank you for all the work you have done to pull all these pieces of wisdom together with such skill. Warm Smiles

  13. Robert, your videos are magic, and you are great at what you do !

  14. Robert you are an Angel and a Genius
    Thank you for sharing all these videos.

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