14. How Neck & Shoulder Pain is Relieved? (Energy Medicine, Yuen Method, Hypnosis, NLP)

www.chineseenergetics.com Pain Relief w Energy Medicine using Yuen Method, Hypnosis, Reiki, EFT. Learn how physical pain is related to perfectionism and criticism. Pain Relief can easily be done with chinese energy medicine which synergizes the best of Yuen Method, Hypnosis, Reiki, and EFT. Check out if you are an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach, Counselor, or General Public.
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04. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I have no idea what you did…?! From my experience pain that this woman felt is conected to anger.

  2. Between practitioner and my self. I have also felt the painless jolt of energy run through my body in meditation. That may have been kundalini which I haven’t mastered yet. It can create quite an intense muscular jerk… yet painless!

  3. The demonstration is impressive. I’ve had a number of injuries which vary in severity. That said I swear I can remember what happened when I first injured myself and when ( how old I was ). I’m hard pressed to believe what I’m seeing is true. Please don’t be offended, that is not my intention. I am a bit of a skeptic. In this case I would say to feel is to believe verses seeing is believing. I have had interesting experiences…feeling the mild electrical sensation of exchange.

  4. you must admit how this looks? it looks like you have magic, and we as adults know there is no magic

  5. By also using mental suggestion we can tap our dormant minds which remain lying for years. And here we can raise our consciousness to one or more level until we realize things in life. But this is very hard to do we need to patiently practice it daily. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @ahblisschris
    ??? confused. i am a scientist, and i cannot see any rationality in this. 

  7. @ahblisschris

    ??? confused. i am a scientist, and i cannot see any rationality in this. 

  8. All pain in the body is a manifestation of energy Imbalance , Correcting these Imbalances should elevate this pain. We choose to take on Negative or Positive Energy.

  9. Thank you, this was very helpful video! What to do when the pain is in the centre or in both sides at once? Particularly in the head and “thinking” on the midline seems impossible…

  10. Excellent. This is probably just what I needed to help a friend. Thank you!

  11. Is this called boisen in tradional reiki?

  12. I do the same thing, but i didn`t learn this, i have done reiki 1=2 tera mai, andmelchizedec and the yod.
    I also learned that if your back hurts, the pain you feel is under the spot that is the cause. Because there is the blockade and the energy can`t flow.
    I am thinking about doing the violet fire initiation ( quan yin) but i still don`t know for sure, there is to much happening right now.
    Many thanks for the friend invitation!!!!!
    Ciao Eveline

  13. another great video….thanks for the insights

  14. @jezzyby47
    You are actually directing energy, a correction, to the area where there is an energetic weakness. Actually, you don’t need to wave your hand. The waving is just a physical demonstration. You can direct energy by simply directing attention to the midline (see video on youtube).

  15. How exactly do we bring awareness to the opposite side of the body we need healing though? He doesn’t really say how to do that. When he waves his hand in front of her and says you are corrected, is that it?

  16. @thepasture

    I will have books available on the Chinese Energetics website soon. I will be writing my own books. For now, you are order Instant Pain Elimination by Kam Yuen from Amazon.

  17. I experienced a phone session with Paul Wong. It was impressively effective. He’s a great guy.

  18. This is a wonderful gift we have to be such great Healers when we want to be.

  19. I think we truly underestimate how effective and how powerful we are in our own healing. It also shows how long standing attitudes and tendencies can stop us from getting the results we are seeking.
    Peace and God bless,

  20. yes. a book wouldd help

  21. Do you have a book or CD that would help in teaching your method?

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