140 You Can Heal Your Body

www.fastereft.com Simple understandings of how our mind affects our health.
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14. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. you are so right about the worst fears coming true because it happen to me and I still suffer from it today…what was my worst fear you ask? Well when and before I got pregnant I feared getting a c-section because I didnt want to scar and had to have a c-section and ended up with scars not only where I had the c-section but all over my tummy area. its horrible. Are there ways to heal the skin through EFT?

  2. You’re very good at what you do. I seem to be embracing every word you say, after watching about 9 of your videos so far. Tho still a little skeptical on the tapping itself, your words alone are bringing me to a better understanding of what has been going on within me for years. I need something very badly, and I have been running very fast from my past, because I still believe at least some of the horrible parts are true even after 30+years. You are helping me cope at this point. Thanks.

  3. @ProjectMNow It is on a DVD called You can heal your body.

  4. Hey, in the video you mention 7 steps, but at the end you only say what one of them is. Where are the other 6?

  5. Hi, when I saw this pseudoscientific crap I became physically ill. Halp.

  6. @DanSauvageau
    I suggest getting a Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Body” Look up what sore throat means and find how you can make fit your life and then tap it out. “What are you tired of saying?”

  7. Hi Robert,

    I have had a sore throat for 9 months. The doctor thinks it might be reflux from the stomach. I have been taking the meds with no luck. I know some EFT and the points to tap, but I still don’t get over the sore throat and the choking feeling.
    Best – Dan S.

  8. @townerroad

    I am not sure but I believe you can with persistence the mind can change the body.

  9. Hello Robert, can this EFT help with Scoliosis?

  10. Hi, i wonder if this would work with scoliosis??

  11. @Squabbles10

    I do skype sessions.

  12. @HealingMagic Do you do phone calls from Australia ?

  13. @intrablue08 How do you know this? Precisely what happens mechanically within your body to allow you to come to that conclusion? Thanks.

  14. Noting bad will happen in future if you let go of the bad. i do 30 hours of phone sessions a week and i work with everything.

  15. I see people dealing with memories but I have a fear of what might happen in the future. Is this different dealing with this? I am curious what you deal with on the phone that is different?

  16. You do not need long algorithms but rather notice within yourself how you know that you are representing the problem and use this (my) simple process and keep releasing what it is you are doing inside yourself. Peace

  17. How do you form YOUR statements/commands, as you Tap. Like a Search-Engine(ex: google), getting the right or precise answer depends on the question, and how you’re asking it.

    As algorithms can be long and whiney like a tree root, I would like to cut-thru-the-chase, and know its end result., and reverse-engineer it, if need-be, thus saving time and energy 🙂 is it possible?

  18. Robert, I must not have been listening very well,I missed those SEVEN steps,now what were they again? 🙂 Arum

  19. Works for me, changed my life using these skills,
    intrablue08 why not trying looking up “emotional freedom technique” in wikipedia before making comments you don’t know about.

  20. i don’t believe anyone falls for this rubbish. are you all stupid in the head?

  21. whats the seven steps

  22. Clear out the negative experiences and the events that trigger them. They may be bouncing around from several extremes.

  23. By the way, I use your technique and I feel a little better, but not completely healed. I used EFT, it was good. However, your technique is faster and easier to apply and besides you explain your techniques throughly and it makes it more interesting. It is like psychotherapy and pills. Do you have any video for bipolars??

  24. I don’t believe that is true, but for you it could be true and the outcome is beyond your control. Too bad but to me it sounds like some religious teachings and cast systems, some are chosen by destiny and others are not which is in my opinion is BULL. We are very dynamic and create whatever it is we choose.

  25. What do you think about Akashic records and Edgar Cayce??
    I think our lives are like a maze, and depending on what decision we make at each point, our destiny has already been set for that particular choice.

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