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www.fastereft.com The big question, “Why does tapping work?” Does it require belief in order to work? Will it work for someone with bipolar disorder?
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23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. i think it works because you release the emotion that was stored.

  2. @PhobiaGuy That’s exactly right — it’s a pattern interrupt. Do it enough times, and the change becomes permanent. There have been experiments done that show that tapping on spots different from those used in EFT works the same way, and so does tapping on an external objects. And so does doing something else, not tapping. Those who regurgitate the meridian/energy explanation after others are simply nincompoops. Meridians may well exist but are probably irrelevant here.

  3. @MrCuriouslad hi, just a little comment: I put two years into it, and it did work – I don’t quite believe it can work like magic, but there are some energies inside us that we can become aware of, but it takes a really long time, I don’t believe the magic. Maybe some people are lucky and they can connect with their inner energy just like that, why not.

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  5. EFT is the best way, so try it on everything.
    It works fastest. Thanks so much for your inspirational video.


  6. wth is tapping?

  7. cells, meridians no no!!
    it does not have any effect on the ficticious energies etc, its this simple, if you call up an emotion/thought pattern by concentrating on it and at the same time you scramble its normal way of playing out, then it wont play that old way again! The chanting and self accepting is irrelevent. Recite the phone book, it works the same, ive proved it! forget all this cell/meridian twaddle its just new age hokem to extract money from mainly women! its a pattern interupt!

  8. …i just tried it and it really works….it sort of helps mentally / emotionally let go of the issue (work stress / anxiety in my case) – the problem kinda melts away…

    Thanks for posting this – i have subscribed to you channel with interest

  9. wow I did not think it worked tell I put like 2 hours into it.Now I can barley bring it up. I wonder is this just temporary or is that power of that memory gone for good?

  10. If change the belief system behind it then it is solved but if you keep tapping on the system then YOU bring it back. IT has no life of its own. YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF WHAT EVER IT IS BASED ON WHAT YOU CHOSE TO KEEP WITHIN. Take full ownership of your life, body and mind. peace Robert

  11. The changes are permanent or you have to tap again every month for the same reason or problem? Does the problem comes back?

  12. I thought it was pure bullsh*t, then I tried it. It really works.

  13. When EFT works, it’s amazing. Takes persistence sometimes, though.

  14. Bravo Robert,…..Bravo.

  15. It works like a reset-button. When the system doesn’t work right, I always push the reset-button first.

  16. Love Roberts Process. Its so fast and effective. Thanks for sharing

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