144. Why Does Tapping Work? — Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

www.fastereft.com Why tapping works. How we are programed to hypnotize ourselves by going into a trance and miss the reality of the present moment. How we produce our own problems. If you want something different, doing the same thing only makes it worse. Let go and try something different. Look younger, feel younger.

19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is one of my favorite vids..I have watched several of your vids and I thank you for your time ..I am not interested in how much money you make because by posting videos like this you help a multitude of people for free so thanks 4 that..and your hokey sounds charming so dont worry ’bout da taters!.lol xo

  2. @moso787 If you have not noticed there are 414 FREE videos which are available for anyone how will watch and apply in their life. So you must be the one who will find yourself there in hell since it is coming from your own inner world. Make peace with your judgements and you’ll be free.

  3. Avarice is one of the seven sins mr. minister. Your company is not a non-profit, and you make money from vulnerable people trying to escape pain. You do not follow God. I bet you have a nice car. Why am I thinking about cars? I guess I just like cars. My point is that your devotion is to the material, and there’s a parking spot in hell for your Mercedes.

  4. what the fuck is this lame shit

  5. ok dick

  6. I am buying today my Happy Jurnal 🙂

  7. I can only say wow. You are so right, I thought i was the only one thinking the way i do, i keep on thinking about negative events that has happened recently or earlier in the past and i simply cannot forget them, i start making scenarios in my head about these sad events and sometimes i add things to them as well and think “what if this, what if that” and so on. I cannot believe how you can have so much understanding and knowledge.

  8. @wellesradio You are amazing (:

  9. @NaughtyPix8392
    I’m so sorry to hear this. But he will cheat again. Sadly, girls usually return to the mental abuse. And it is abuse. It is a breach of your trust. There are 6.8 billion people on earth. 3 and a half billion of them are men. 3.5 Billion!

    He’s just one loser.

    You’re a woman with a heart (or you wouldn’t be hurt over this) and there are a few billion guys out there looking for just that. Don’t “break up” with him. Dump him. And let us know how it turned out.
    – a guy

  10. very motivational

  11. good stuff

  12. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. @NaughtyPix8392
    Yes, he did it once and he won’t hesitate to do it again. only next time he will be more cautious not to get caught.
    There are more fish in the sea.

  14. how is it that this is free?!

  15. @subbtopp My feelings exactly! Thanks again, Robert, as you say, every time I learn and grow more!

  16. wow, just ‘stumbled’ over this video, never heard of Robert but I’m going to seek out more. Very rich message.

  17. yes, yes, yes, i am orgasmic with appreciation and joy…thanks dude meister

  18. Thanks Robert for your teachings you have a very clear way of teaching and I thank you for that you have helped me a lot

  19. great awesome

  20. @snupper100 have you even tried to tap yourself? lol

  21. Dear Robert,

    My uncle suffers from Parkinson’s disease (or Parkinson’s Management as it is now called) and I was wondering if you could advise what could be the statements for him to release and let go??


  22. @HealingMagic Peace

  23. @HealingMagic Peace

  24. @dealerwealer You must understand that scientifically the placebo affect is minds ability to heal itself in-spite of the sugar pill. The person who channel its thoughts to heal takes more sense & mental abilities than people who operate from ignorance & desperate questions that end up going no where. Tapping is stepping into the inner process of the mind/body connection & shifting what supports beliefs & illogical perceptions which in turn takes stupid questions into higher wisdom. Peace

  25. @dealerwealer There is wisdom to tapping. Tapping gives you control over your own stupid thinking. You would tap on how that experience affected you after it was over and to logically handle ideas that are not so wise such as that question. Peace

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