146. It’s Worth Millions Use It — Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

www.fastereft.com Cravings are gone. Back pain is gone. Tapping is awesome! The key to making this work. How to let go of your problems and your life will improve.

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  1. I love your videos on EFT! Fabulous! Thank you so much! Vanessa

  2. Thanks Robert, I realised recently I have to stop tapping on all of the hurts of the past because I have used soooo many different techniques/eft to go over them and put in the positive, the one thing I have been struggling with the most is accepting what is. At the moment im having a break from eft my energy body feels really tender, thanks.

  3. One of the things you need to do is to make sure you change the memories into a positive. If they get worse that means your mind has resources or memos that you are not addressing and it is truing to tell you to look deeper. Do the list I mention on video 118 and clear out what is needed. Robert

  4. Hi Robert, I have been tapping for a month now, every day for approximately 30minutes(sometimes an hour or longer) and also tapping when things crop up. I have found my symptoms feel like they are getting worse and this happened last time I committed to EFT. I have done the psychological reversals and im at a loss on what to do. Points feel numb to tapping at present. Thanks

  5. Exactly. People need to understand that addictions and other problems are Coping mechanisms. If you get rid of the addiction, you need to substituted another Coping tool. EFT/ Fast EFT is just that.

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  7. and if you don’t use it, you’ll have a rash of problems.”

    It is a powerful coping skill. Robert

  8. “Tapping is just like toilet paper. It works when you use it!”


  9. I suggest making your list of events, times, places, memories, and your emotions (watch video 118) and start clearing out those memories… then you will naturally start to be more at peace!!

  10. I suggest making your list about money, memories of family around money, attitudes involving money, and you also use same as feeling around love, care, or protection… make your list on these many areas… and start making peace with them!!

  11. Robert hope you can help me, I had a pattern of bad relationships, and now I feel sad, angry, with anxiaty, etc… when you say all of the sadness de hopelesness the fears, etc… that is exactly what i should say?? that covers my feelings, but i dont know if i am doing it right because I still feel with too much anxiaty. thanks

  12. Hi Robert, i am new to tapping and at present want to get rid of my slight negativity and i have some residual anger that comes up and am scared i will not have any money or enough even though i have always been ok with money….:I have sent sooo many people your fantastic message on your main page and introduced many people to tapping,,,,however i want to be rid of “my things” can you please advise so i can be free Robert?

    With love,


  13. You may have decided to “just wonder what to do” instead of making a decision. You may also ask yourself what are the things I don’t want and start tapping them away. Remember all the negative things that has happened to you and tap them away. Ask yourself what would happen if I did stick with the path I have chosen. Why do I easily give up and tap it way too. You may have plenty of proof for your current life path to just wonder. Peace Robert

  14. what are the possibilites , or should i say the statistics to come up with an original idea for what you want to do in your life, with your life? I have been searching for a long time and wonder if it is possible to find what i want to do , in a way life is just happening to me even when i choose different career paths , can anyone help?

  15. Statistics show if you laugh for 24 hours straight you’ll develop a six-pack! Sounds like a plan! GetLaughing Fabulosity

  16. There are two parts to the question. You do not necessarily need to know the memory but do address how you know you have a problem. Sometimes addressing it the memory will pop in. If you know the memory then address it. It is not a big deal but doing an inventory will open the door to many ways to heal. As always changing the memory to a positive when done will truly make major changes.

  17. Robert, how much chance that the “memory”that causes it,will click in while you’re tapping on an issue? Most times, we haft to dig really deep to find the core issue. 🙂 Arum

  18. Hi, I wanted to share with you briefly my experience with Faster EFT. As a sceptic who has done other mode’s of therapies for extended periods of time,I have to say that Faster EFT has neautralised issue’s that have plagued me for years, sure therapy gave me clarity and awareness’s yet what I was looking for was freedom and I have to say after 2 sessions with Robert and doing my own Tapping,seems im getting what I want.I encourage you to do a session.Robert can pinpoint things u might not.Peace

  19. there’s no such thing as deep rootedness the brians more mechanical like a computor

  20. please post something on guilt.deep rooted guilt..which changes in cowardness,anxiety and shame.

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