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www.fastereft.com The common misunderstandings about affirmations. Memories are powerful affirmations. Spiritual understandings. Discover what affirmations are and how to create changes with a Happy Journal.Start your day right with a positive dose of Faster EFT, Freedom at Your Fingertips. You can gain • Self confidence • Personal power • Fulfillment • Success • Abundance • Inner peace • Gratitude • Joy • Dreams • Midas touch • Peace of mind • Freedom • Stress-free • Released anxiety • Financial freedom • How to have it all • Truth • Potential • Willpower • Life purpose • Life changing transformation • Goals • Motivation Learn to tap away problems with one of Robert’s user-friendly videos. You can relieve: • Depression • Fear • Pain • Trauma • Anger • Headache • Low self-esteem • Overwhelming problem • Debt • Dysfunctional relationship • Bad habit • Compulsion • Obsession • Addiction • Disease • Allergy FasterEFT.com
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16. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. The camera man is saying “I can keep you in focus, I can keep you in focus…”. 🙂

  2. ahh my grand-daughter is called Gem too, these teachings are so powerful I can’t wait to do your course when you come to the UK in November. Thanks for the many GEMs.

  3. I like this! A happy journal is just the thing to have to help me be me!

  4. some days I dont feel passionate about my affirmations.. should I keep using them? even if i dont feel the emotion

  5. affOrmations are even better where you put an affirmation in a question as for ex: why am i so rich?

  6. hey, just stopping by here

  7. One of my favorite affirmations is this: I am NOW independently wealthy and living in rich abundance. My bank account is NOW overflowing with an unlimited supply of money. I AM RICH! I am a POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET! Everything works out in my favor- Everything goes my way for my highest and ultimate good. I NOW live a joyful and prosperous life full of love, peace, and joy. I attract only the highest and best to myself. Every cell in my body is perfectly healthy and I feel GREAT!!! SO BE IT!!!

  8. Repeat: “I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific” every night before you go to sleep and after a while you will always awaken in the morning feeling just that.

  9. @HealingMagic of course you can – that’s the whole point of the powers of subconscious mind, used correctly it has a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

  10. Get Happy!

  11. this is powerful. I needed that. Not only do you have to forgive the person who hurt you but also yourself for not forgetting. That’s been one of my biggest issues. I want to get better at this.

  12. Cool things here naughty ladies mworld5.info

  13. wow my little grand-daughter is called GEM too. This video is inspiring

  14. @calmguy1

    Of course it does effect your body because the body naturally responds to your thoughts and beliefs.

  15. @HealingMagic does this can effects our bodies also??

  16. can we effect our physical body by affirming positive things as ell as phsychological side??

  17. so can we effect our bodies by afferming positive sujestions..??i mean is this physically effective also..

  18. @positivecutie

    You are very smart and putting it to good use will do us good. Peace Robert

  19. I have a happy journal 🙂

  20. Just found this after chancing upon a few NLP vids which mainly really disappointed me, (like they were bad conmen, delivering an old fashioned basic PEP-talk, by a fancy expensive new NLP name.
    He talks like Bing Crosby which is a great plus point.
    He also knows how clued up Jesus’s words were.

  21. You must release the negative emotions attached to the memories and how you hold them against yourself and yet you blame them for how you feel. So, when you release the emotions to what they did it then you will reaps the rewards & you’ll see the world in a peaceful way.

  22. Hmmmm ….. ‘i forgive you but i don’t forgive you for what you did’. How in the world could someone forgive someone thoroughly? If everyone forgives, the world will be in peace. To look it at another perspective, not forgiving is not cursing oneself, it is giving oneself the affirmation on how to act when one encouter the same situation in the future. Coz some bullshit stuff that happen in the world does not require forgiveness

  23. Excellent…thanks…and I’m sure you will get Oprah on your show!

  24. I want him to smile …

  25. These teachings are so healing. My grand-daughter’s name is Gem, I will defintely enjoy looking for the gems in my life. Thank you so much for these videos.

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