151. Emotional Trauma Haunted 10 years — Faster EFT Robert Smith

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18. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Thank you Robert Smith, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Nice Energy on this Channel.

  3. @hellerase you can go to my website and there is a community forum there where many questions are answered or you can ask as well. fastereft*com Robert

  4. What if you have no memory of the physical conduct but you still remember situations that were psychological attacks if I can say.

  5. that was just off the scale amazing

  6. @davides691 TVNorge in Norway is working on a show with these techniques. It is with therapist Mats Uldal and will be on in February, 2011.

  7. Bless his heart.

  8. I have finally trying to talk about trauma from my past after hiding it for so long. It is so hard.

  9. I keept that in me 30 years… until today !!!!

  10. I have been using your videos for almost one week now. It is truly amazing! May God bless and use you as an instrument. I have severe Fibromyalgia syndrome and am working on letting the PTSD go to heal from it. I have been praying for 6 years for relief of pain meds., doctors, hospitals, depression, ect…I have a better outlook in just 6 days. You are a blessing and an inspiration to all who suffer from these programs ingrained in us. I can’t thank you enough and Christ for answering my prayer.

  11. @wddenis3 address every single issue one by one… <3

  12. I am so amazed over how tapping heals !!! i have been watching maybe 100 videos from you Robert !! And it helps !!! It had been a nice dream to have you to come to Norway !! Jon Harald, Norway..

  13. How do you heal when your perp is still out there, and is still a threat to you?

  14. @wddenis3

    Starting with what and how you know you have. Looking at different people had affected you or places you had felt it.

  15. What do you do about a child hood that was traumatizing in many aspects but only general memories not specific.

  16. @wetlazer

    Your subconscious mind operates in metaphors which is why dreams are so odd. So it has it’s own inner communication style so when you are addressing whatever it gives you and releasing it will reap some kind of a reward. You mind usually ties emotional themes together and sometimes you do not realize they are tied together. There are many ways that the mind works so yes it is common. It is amazing what shows up. Good job for staying with it.

  17. Robert, I was tapping for a pain in my side. I had a picture of a house pop into my head. So I said “I release and let go this image whatever it means.” I continued tapping and I got picture after picture of random stuff. Cartoons, artwork, chain link fences, tv images, Hostess Twinkies, ect. I am not trying to be a smarty pants this really happened. A bunch of random seemingly meaningless things. Is this a common sort of thing and what the heck might it mean, if anything?

  18. If it does it will never be the same or completely changed but if it is slightly there then tap again. Robert

  19. so great, amazing, i just wonder if the feeling can return later

  20. @clareink: The most important thing is go within yourself and make peace with the memories you have within you. You may be sending them peace but if within you have the terror you not doing much good for you. Clean out your temple and then your peace will be everywhere and much wiser too. peace Robert

  21. I am dealing with painful stuff right now. Been healing past trauma for 40 odd years & sort of thought I had it down Healing being huge part of my life. Six weeks ago a friend, a healer, threatened me then physically attacked me, pain & trauma that may be from way back started I find it hard to sleep, the “friend” lives across the road I have aged 10 yrs in I have great fear & am doing the best I can sending love to her, myself & the situation

  22. Start working on yourself. Your hurts, memories, pains, fears and everything else. Make a better you by investing in yourself and start loving you where you are and things will improve. peace robert

  23. Maybe someday!

  24. I suggestted on your other post. Feel the emotions, actions, expressions, fears, angers, hatreds, and harm caused. You tap until you feel at peace with it all and make peace with everyone involved.

  25. hey rob i need your advice when i was in california for summer vacation one my of family members took advantage of me and my parents she attempted to manipulate me to make me feel bad and i dont know if i should feel anger or hatred about it this has been going on for the past 15 years

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