154. Shifts Happen — Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

www.fastereft.com This video explains how to work with others to create personal shifts by changing negatives to positives. Globalization and The Information Age starts here. Rossiya Airlines flight FV-187 LED-DME landing at Moscow Domodedovo airport. Aircraft Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85779
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20. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Do you agree with Gary Craig’s generalization principle?

  2. You have to finish the process and change the memory completely. I teach how to do that in my training courses. It is what other programs do not do because they don’t know how. I do and you can too.

  3. As the shift has happened and the new neural links are not strong enough yet, how do we make sure that the brain doesnt operate again the old subconscious program?

  4. It doesnt have to be chronological, because the mind creates its own associative/emotional links between events, which are not necessarily chronological.

  5. I have had people come in drunk and it works. The deal is to associate to the problem and keep working (tapping) until the issues are cleared then you ask your doctor how to get off of them.

  6. Love the faster EFT cos it really does work, but does it work if someone is on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets?

  7. The key is addressing the disruption within the memory such as anger, hurt or even expressions within the memory. After you release the negative then you change the meaning into something positive.

  8. thanks for your reply. I’m just wondering, on these videos when you are talking about the tapping process you say that all that needs to be said is ‘let it go’ or ‘its safe to let it go’. But when you are trying to change the memory into a positive one or just trying to ‘change’ your feelings regarding a certain situation, do you still just say ‘let it go’ when you are tapping or do you have to say something else?

  9. Yes, of course remember the times you experienced and then change them emotionally and internally how your see it. Address how it makes you feel that you do it and change the belief that you can’t control it because you can by changing how you internalize it. You may ask why is it important to me to do this and then change it.

  10. i have this problem where whenever I get in a certain situation with people I do a certain thing which I can’t control. It is automatically triggered and I can’t seem to do anything about it. Its reinforced itself again and again over the years by happening time and time again. How can I deal with it? Am i imagine in my mind that I am in one of those ‘situations’ and then tap away all the negative feelins/emotions that are attached to it?

  11. It really doesn’t really matter where you start but do start. Remember, to change the memory after tapping out all emotions. Heal yourself by changing how you hold the memory. peace Robert

  12. great video robert! i want to ask you a question. must we start tapping on our memories chronologically? i mean first tap on the youngest memory and then on the next memories? or this is not important, we could tap on them when they pop out into our minds.

  13. Your so right on with this! This is really good information. Most people dont know they have options to deal with their emotions and feelings, and eventually our beliefs and then problems, Great job Robert! I use this in conjunction with Gary Craig’s EFT and NLP as well. This is amazing stuff! The most affective therapy I have ever seen. Really Great presentation! I truly love watching them.
    Very helpful. I Can hardly wait for the next one. Keep them coming!
    Dr. Debra Lohri DCH
    Dallas, Texas

  14. The reason people have the inability to seemingly not love themselves is because when are young they scolded us, controlled us, & they became an example on how to treat ourself. They too were taught not to like themselves too. The key is what you think about yourself & hold within yourself will create seemly problems but actually results based on what you already hold within. Good or bad. So, yes that is how it is supposed to be but getting better results means you MUST LOVE YOURSELF BETTER.

  15. Dear Robert, I am wondering. If most of the people seem to have the inability to love themselves, doesnt it mean that we are supposed to be that way? When we have certain problems/difficulties, doesnt it mean that it is meant to be that way? Isnt this all of this supposed to be the way it is?

  16. Installing the positive is changing the memories from bad to good, putting good emotions in everything you do. Tapping in positive statements and visualize good stuff, and practice feeling good emotions. Recall and mentally rehearse good experiences and project it into the future. Love and Peace Robert

  17. Robert, I can release the negative, but I’m having a little trouble installing the positive. Can you give a couple of suggestions as to how to accomplish that ? Thankyou, 🙂 Arum

  18. Hi Robert. You have helped my sister so much, she is not the same person that she was before EFT. Has been practicing for about 18 mos. I hope to share the same positive results, as we share the same background. You are a wonderful human being.:)

  19. Of course addressing the triggers and also going back to times and places which you have pulled. Trich is a coping process. Keep on tapping on… Peace

  20. Hi Robert, These videos are helping me soo much. they are great and opening me up to a whole new way of thinking and hope. I would like to know what you think about Trichotillomania and how to get rid of it. Do you need to knw the root or can you just release all the emotions connected? hope you get this, thanks from PA

  21. I think you are really great Robert. Your videos have helped me so much. Keep up the good work and please do come to UAE so we can benefit from your EFT classes.
    Thanks a million….

  22. I cannot thank you enough for your work!
    My name is Manuel Coniliano, Im 23, Student, Italy, I suffer from clinical depression for 2 years, I started to feel depressed after I didn’t pass an exam and I wanted to quit the university but I didn’t because my father forced me to continue.
    Ive watched all your dvds, I know quite a lot about hypnosis, meditation, tapping, and other techniques. I tried everything, everything, but I can’t heal what should I do?

  23. Clear, Direct, Succinct,
    Thank you for this core clarification message.
    Looking forward to more,.

  24. It is true that you can and do manifest into your life what you imagine with feelings good or bad. The issue is which has the most emotional strength. The strongest always win so releasing the negative make is so easy to get what you want and ends the sabotaging behaviors as well. KEY: What you have inside will show up somewhere and somehow whether you like it not… clear it out and have a wonderful time

  25. My message i think from this. is i want to get the things that i do want! so if i have to create memories that are postive even if perhaps they have never happened in reality, but the memory itself is creating a positive outlook in my mind making me feel positive and bringing the positive thing that i want in my life? that sounds like what this is about shifting from negative ideals to positive ideals

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