155. Healing Attitudes about Grief & Loss — NLP EFT Robert Smith

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20. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @HealingMagic Your dismissal of the medical field is most unwelcome and may have a poor effect on people who are being treated for such a depressive illness and read this comment. The medical field does not think that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain of people with grief; rather, it forms a small part of the model of how we view what that individual may be experiencing. I suggest you retract or clarify your comment for safety reasons.

  2. Fantastic video, it helped out alot!

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  5. Fantastic presentation! Thank you! Keep smiling ; )

  6. Healing attitudes about grief and loss.

  7. @MuzeecX

    Regret and feelings in loss do only one basic thing…keep you in pain and to hurt yourself which you can also use latter because you waisted time regretting and hurting. Endless cycle that hurt those who do it. So just tap it out and do something productive. Love yourself and do what you need to do. Peace Robert

  8. Hi Robert,
    I was wondering how do you handle regret and feeling of loss over missed opportunities or screwing them up?

  9. Grief and healing can be fast in the hands of an expert.

  10. Just like any problem some do take longer but acute can change fast as others but some cases its takes longer.

    It is correct with the medical field people never get over acute grief & depression because they think the cause is chemical imbalance which is totally incorrect but rather are the expressions of the mental constructions (internal representations) such as loses and other traumas.

    But this process I am teaching it is addressing the real cause which is how & what you do inside.

  11. this is all good but what about those who are suffering from prolonged acute grief? It is in the medical field and a real problem that people just don’t get over it as so many ppl seem to come across. then a severe Depression can set in and not go away. would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. thanks for your thoughts about grief and death.

  12. After the grief is over theres years of Internal Healing to be done then theres weeks of Counseling to help remotivate the person or persons who lost loved ones

  13. happy thanksgiving Rob 🙂 Hope u have Fun and have a Safe Thanksgiving

  14. yeah but its internal healing that begins for people who have lost loved ones like me and many others around the world from cancer and what not

  15. What response would help you? In essence Robert is not just saying get over it – he is asking how purposeful is it to be in pain and feel only sorrow or sadness about the one whom you clearly love and miss. Better surely to clear the pain and focus upon the positive memories you shared

  16. His message seems to be be,,”Death happens. Get over it.” This doesn;t help me.

  17. Hi Robert,
    This is very powerful, clear, helpful and to the point! Thanks a lot for the DVDs Grief & Loss Recovery, they are soooooo good. It gives words to my believes and tools to heal others. You are a great teacher!!!
    I put the link of this video on my website. I want to share this with everyone!
    Thanks a lot. Now I start with the DVDs The mind of a Healer Ill let you know!

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  19. Yes!!

  20. So we identify our “Yeah, but..” and tap it away as usual?

  21. The real gift is what you choose to keep in your mind and heart. They were never yours but come to leave you presents and you are the one who honors or dishonors what they have given you. Feeling bad hurts those who do it and then everyone else around. peace is making peace within

  22. I don’t think you’ve ever lost anyone who ever meant anything to you. Life has a way of slapping you in the face, with things you do not want to know or understand. Good luck dealing with it when you get the GIFT you never asked for.

  23. You are very welcome. Peace Robert

  24. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Liked the concept at 7:20 that we are the “movie director” of what plays in our mind.

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