156. Secret to Weight Loss — Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

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  1. heres the real secret to fat loss – eat fat


  2. 3) The tingling may also be a result of me using the BSFF cue word after each statement and tapping point. I heard about this way of boosting up the effectiveness of the whole process from somebody and by this way I can use the Forgiveness routine as well after the tapping session. This usually adds an extra lift to my “natural high” :D.

  3. Hello,

    Just wanted to inform You of 2 things:

    1) I finally realized that the tinglings all over my body were due to dehydration. I just wasn’t drinking enough water. So the tinglings left every time I drank enough of it for my brain and body.

    2)On two memories I worked with I noticed that the areas at my spine began to hurt. It got really uncomfortable, so I couldn’t sit any longer. But I persisted and soon, while doing EFT on the issues, the pain/tension soon lessened and then went away!:)

  4. Our mind will & does use it’s resources to generate and to manifest by using the mind/body system to affect the world. So, yes it will use the meridian system. Emotions is the energetic fuel that creates and manifests in our life.

    Water is a healing agent we should drink plenty of.

  5. And do people often drink lots of water during sessions, as well? I find that I get thirsty quite a bit!

    And what is your idea on surrogate tapping? Might the meridian system play a part in helping others shift by addressing their issues? Or is there something else involved in here?

  6. Yes of course we are multidimensional beings but that is generated within this dimension based on your recorded information or what you held within from some other dimension (your past). I suggest changing them memory to where it is very good. Make it positive since it really isn’t real any longer. Make it good.

  7. Ok, that sounds good, although I personally believe we all are multidimensional beings also operating on an energetic level.

    Just wanted to say that I had struggled with a lot of emotional issues which did not seem to lessen at all for a long time. But yesterday I finally managed to address the real cause under all of them: a traumatic memory where my mother wasn’t home when she should have. It really surprises me today to not a lot of fears I used had before.Weird. Now it feels much better 🙂

  8. This ENERGY IDEA is just an idea that THEY try to explain why it works but I do not buy it hook, line and sinker. Sure the thoughts do create a physical retraction by using electrical impulses running though the meridian system but it doesn’t cause problems but but rather a reaction to how you represent it mentally at an unconscious manner.

  9. I don’t believe the tapping causes any harm but it may stir up what you already have within. Tapping only releases & reveals that is it because it is a relaxation technique that creates peace within your mind/mind. The tinglings are probably another aspect you have to address.

  10. Ok, thank you for the fast response. Now another question: do sometimes people complain that the flow of energy eft produces makes them hard to feel their feelings? Because when I have tapped for more than an hour, then I usually feel kinda tingly all over my body and it is hard for me to feel the emotions fully.
    Fortunately, I have become aware that the tinglings disturb me less and less. But still, any experience with the sensations creating a disturbance of some kind?

    Love to hear from you:)

  11. It is very common for people to yawn while tapping because your brain is shifting and needs more oxygan. Some people may even get headaches but seldom. When the session is over they feel as if 100 pounds has been lifted and then some need to sleep so the mind can reshuffle the new changes. These are common.

  12. Hello,

    I am interested to know: why aren’t there are people yawning in your videos? It just seems kind a strange because I sometimes yawn A LOT when doing EFT and other healing modalities… .

    P.S. Keep up your work. It’s fabulous (Y)


  13. I also suggest to start tapping on the foods you love & to tap out that love for them. Tap before every meal kind of like prayer. Take emotional control of your inner self. Tap on the times and places you feel week. NEVER EAT FAST FOOD OR DRINK or eat DIET FOOD they are designed to keep you fat. Unless it is a natural product like as a carrot. NOTHING WITH ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS IN IT! If it is isn’t natural or real do not eat it. Do the exercises I have here. I cover a lot in my DVDs set.

  14. You may also have created an identy to being overweight (FAT) because you will be accepted by people whom you want acceptance – husband fear of you leaving so he keeps you fat, belief my whole family is fat & I want to be part of family, everybody eats so I go along. If I am fat they will not find me attractive. If I am over weight people will move out of my way because I am now BIG instead of weak and little. When I am thin bad things happened to me. There are so many odd beliefs.

  15. A part of the #2 Knowing when it is time to eat. If eating anything other than when you have the feeling of hunger in your stomach then you are conditioned to eat when your not hungry. Eat only to satisfy the hunger only. Every meal start throwing food a way even if you can save it, feed others or whatever program shows up – throw it away! TAP OUT ANY AND ALL RESISTANCE! KEY: it will destroy the sacredness of food. By the way there are so many unconscious programs that are driving you.

  16. First – Merry Christmas Robert 🙂
    I have listened to SO many of your videos and the 1 ? that keeps coming up for me is – “how do I identify my emotions that are creating my over eating issues”. I honestly do not know! I have thought and prayed about this for YRS! I remain clueless. Is there any EFT or anything else I can do to finally reach an answer? I really want to know. Thanks 🙂

  17. I am going to start right now ! Robert thank you so much for putting all this out there. I have shared your videos with many people but it’s amazing how many people aren’t ready to heal or even listen. Those that have, have benefited hugely from your insight. You always explain with such simplicity and clarity.You’re like a little Angel that’s been sent down here. I began looking at Quantum physics and conciousness and it all makes sense. Interested in your views on that. This stuff works !

  18. simple, direct re-minder to DO YOUR TAPPING on everything. going to tap right now. thanks

  19. You and all your youtube videos are very much appreciated! thank you!!

  20. Robert, I don’t have a weight problem, but I do notice that when I’m stressed I use food as an out. And yes, I do tend to stick out more. 🙂 Great video. 🙂 Arum

  21. robert.you are always helpful.thank you..

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