157. Shocked — NLP EFT Robert Smith

www.fastereft.com This video demonstrates how Robert addresses an unknown memory of a bad Christmas that represents the inner child.Heal your life! Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the skill that enables you to affect the Law of Attraction, The Secret. The truth is revealed by using the EFT tapping, which is 100% naturally effective. It is the easiest, fastest way to lose weight by reaching your ideal body weight with your mind. Learn why it’s so hard to give it up! The odds are stacked against you if you have limiting beliefs and mental programs installed from your life experiences. Learn the truth and gain freedom. http Start your day right with a positive dose of Faster EFT, Freedom at Your Fingertips. You can gain: • Self confidence • Personal power • Fulfillment • Success • Abundance • Inner peace • Gratitude • Joy • Dreams • Midas touch • Peace of mind • Freedom • Stress-free • Released anxiety • Financial freedom • How to have it all • Truth • Potential • Willpower • Life purpose • Life changing transformation • Goals • Motivation Learn to tap away problems with one of Robert’s user-friendly videos. You can relieve: • Depression • Fear • Pain • Trauma • Anger • Headache • Low self-esteem • Overwhelming problem • Debt • Dysfunctional relationship • Bad habit • Compulsion • Obsession • Addiction • Disease • Allergy

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  1. Thank you Robert for this amazing VD. it help me more that the 10 years of going to my Dr. waste my time there and get nothing good except more pills.
    But now I doing a lot better, I thank you to the lady with the microphone that she mention that she have lupus, that was inpiration to me because last year I was diagnose with lupus too, Now I KNOW I HOPE FOR ME.
    Have a happy & healty life!

    Martafrom WA State

  2. Robert, you are truly a gifted healer. Just amazing.

  3. Thank you, Robert. Do you have any training sessions planned in the future? I didn’t see anything for August (yet) 🙂 I am interrested in healing for myself and becoming a practitioner. I’ve been tapping along for several weeks and love your technique. I send love and many thanks!

  4. It really works !!! Thank you… I never cried like that and I never feeled so at peace after…. Thank you !.

  5. @nimueladyofthelake

    You can go to my main channel page and click on the banner or fasterEFT with a dot com. Robert

  6. Where can we buy your videos?

  7. I am trying to con you out of all of your problems. I want to leave you with happiness. Peace Robert

  8. I was preverbal so I could not explain myself.

  9. This helped me so much. Attracted tothe tittle because I had been “shocked” more ways than one. My older sisters handed me a metal fork and me to do the thing I was always not supposed to do,stick it in a socket.When I came to my mother was saying that I was bad, and I felt so much pain and so ashamed of myself and more than that very very betrayed and confused by all of them. This fasteft is so nice in that it brings me to a nice place sooner than regular eft. Thanks! You’re not a con afterall!

  10. Oh, thank you for your keen observation… Peace Robert

  11. Wow, this one really got to me because my grandmother died on my 11th birthday and I can totally still see my mom’s “zombie stare” as I came down the steps after the phone call came… I better get my ass in gear and sort this memory out because trust me, it never healed.

    Robert, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. 5 stars.

  12. Thank you!! Blessings to you! Robert

  13. Great video

  14. for money

  15. Robert, you are a gift to all of us…Thank you for caring enough to help us all heal. Peace

  16. What awesome work this is and finally an answer to things I have wondered about in all my 50 years here.

  17. do i have to be “clean” for a tappingsession i smoke weed everyday!?!

  18. Hi Robert, I was watching this video and when you asked her to remember a memory, I started crying. I could not pinpoint the memory, just the feeling of sadness. I tapped along and I could feel the release of the hold that feeling/blocked memory had in me. I have learned EFT from Gary, but I find your method much more educative than his, I am big fan of him too. Thank you for posting these videos and I have recommended you to a friend. I really hope she can work with you. Peace. Clara

  19. You may know somehow that it is blocked and just notice that you feel that it is blocked. Then you tap on the blocked feeling and it is safe to heal the memory. If it is already gone tap on the feelings around it. Peace Robert

  20. Robert,what do you do when the memories have blacked themselves out? Maybe I ask you this before, can’t remember. 🙂 Arum

  21. Thank you, Robert, you are a great healer and teacher.

  22. I come back to this one – I can use it for anything I want to tap. Thanks Robert

  23. I am impressed . Following your methods is giving me results . You are the real deal .

  24. Grief is like everything else. I usually clear out grief in one session and follow up to see if it is cleared. Of course if you use traditional EFT it may take many sessions. I do have a protocol that is very effective. Of course grief and loss is a form of self abuse and often is justified with bad beliefs. Peace

  25. Robert, I have heard that grief is in a class all by itself, and that more than one session of eft is required to deal with it. What do you think? Could this be because the grief she has isn’t “present” grief, but a memory from the past? 🙂 Arum

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