158. Your Esteeming Self — NLP EFT Robert Smith

www.fastereft.com Learning to decondition and love ourselves. How we are programed to beat ourselves up with the voices in our head. Why we have low self-esteem in the present that originated from our past bad experiences. Its about what you do with what happens to you.Robert is a fast-paced, mind-expanding, motivational person. He will show you how you can set and achieve goals that will enable you to live your dreams with personal and financial freedom. Learn the subconscious mind solutions for success. Robert teaches skills that facilitate faster • Goal setting • How to live your dreams • Total financial freedom • Personal freedom • Self-esteem • Subconscious mind solutions for success • Prosperity laws of the universe • Self-help motivation • Personal growth & development • Positive thinking • Life success coaching • Stress management • Hypnotherapy • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) • Debt-free no limit lifestyle millionaire Robert offers training, courses, seminars & events for: • Weight loss • Stress Reduction • Pain Management • Sales • Business Management Skills • Marketing • Telesales • In-company training & courses Visit the website: www.outsmartstress.com
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’ve enjoyed your videos very much. Thank-you. Wondering what you think of psyche-K and doing muscle testing while the person head straight, moves their eyes down to access emotions?

  2. Wonderful peek inside on’s self.
    Would like to know if you ever considered coming to Portugal for lectures?

  3. So between 1 and 10, how bad is it?

    That’s a mistery to me how to rate it. Equally is it a mystery to me to find memories.

    I think we should all go fishing together 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this video series. I really enjoy watching your presentations. Do you have workshops in Europe?

  5. @shakoyan check if you are tapping the right problem… What is REALLY bothering you?

  6. Congratulations Robert !!! I start to see effects of my taping…. so congrats to my as well !!! Thank you for oppening the door !!!

  7. @nimueladyofthelake

    You’ll find them at fastereft with a com.

  8. Robert
    Thank you so much. I’ve spent almost the whole day listening/watching your videos. They are wonderful! Where do you sell your DVDs?

  9. My sister died recently and your videos have helped me enormously with my grief. Working through the grief brought up so many other issues, such as low self esteem, and using your videos on these issues has brought me peace like I’ve never experienced before. From my heart, I thank you Robert.

  10. @SuperMoldavite

    Thank you, I needed this. Robert

  11. Robert I just wanted to thank you for posting these wonderful videos. I have been trained in traditional EFT, but find myself using your system more, and more. I have recently set myself up in practice and your videos have been a wonderful help in assisting me to become a better healer. Big thanks from me and all the people who I have helped utilizing Faster EFT. You are a wonderful cog in the wheel that is driving towards a more loving, peaceful world. Love and Light. Duey

  12. @shakoyan

    Normal? Is there such a thing? Addressing what creates the anger may take less but time. Robert

  13. Hi, Robert I love your videos
    Is it normal to have emotion of anger at 10 after tapping about ten times ?

  14. Thank you so much!!

  15. Thank you and always share with those you care for! Peace Robert

  16. i just love your explanation & i find your videos very empowering.

    thx alot & god bless u Robert 🙂

  17. hoho69: of course!!!! A former convict is human too, right? We all deserve our place here and to be happy!
    That’s what I believe.

  18. WHY not?

  19. This makes sense. Great information. My question though is would it be okay for a former convict to love himself and develope their self-esteem?

  20. You can do what you do know and how you know that YOU are producing your seemingly low self-esteem. Esteem is what you keep affirming about yourself. Your esteem comes from how you represent yourself inside yourself with memories and events. Change all bad ones and make them good. Peace Robert

  21. Great video! What do we do when we didn*t remember all the memories that we have until the present, memories that made a negative impact on us and caused us low self esteem? Will the tapping be effective if we tap only on the “events” that we remember? Because something big like low self esttem must have a lot of negative memories attaced to it.

  22. wow wow wow that is just simply amazing i am stunned that i get it and now i can change the emotion of how where and when thanks love and light ellen

  23. When you burn your fingers you remember the pain to protect yourself from the same experience in the future. The same mechanism works between our conscious and unconscious mind.Negative experiences are “hidden” in our unconscious and are acting as our protection mechanism against our reality and all the stress that is coming from it. This protection that’s coming from our unconscious is accepted as the “self”.When we change that,we can clean out easily. Painful identification = painful life.

  24. You tap on yourself until you have peace with it and stand up for yourself. They have problems and let go of yours. Robert

  25. Robert, does this mean that if someone treats us badly in words or deeds, we’re not supposed to react? 🙂 Arum

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