163. How it All Works: Trainer’s Secrets — Faster EFT NLP, Robert

www.fastereft.com The System That Works! How to Help Clients • What is true? • Two Models of the World • What is a Belief? • Memory Ownership • Problem Patterns • Why We Have Problems • SUD TOTE • Successful Problems • Two Representations of Experience • Tapping on Patterns • Key to Making Changes
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  1. This may be the single most important concept to learn to begin healing that I have ever heard. Amazing and eye-opening. This is video that is worth watching again and again for all the subtle insights that you offer. Somehow I will find a way to attend your classes and become certified in the wonderful healing modality. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication!

  2. couple questions… What if you have a bad memory or cant remember detail well? And if you tap to the point that the memory is changed then if someone asks a question about your past would you then tell them a lie? thanks

  3. How do you deal with dis-ease if the person was born with it? For instance cickle cell or the pain that is associated with this dis-ease. Thank you very much for all that you do. I wish I could see you in person :)!

  4. Robert, when you’re on fire you are brilliant! I learned so much, I’m going to listen to it again!

  5. Thank you Robert. My projections were about experiences that I had and pacing them into the future and what will happen: so I needed to change my future projections and tap my anxiety towards those expectations as well, and then put positive, realistic, yet limitless possibilities for specific good things to happen in the future – which then changed the way I would see situations I was going into, and then I’d look with pleasure on the adventure because I took responsibility for the outcome.

  6. That was a good talk. What does tapping mean?

  7. breaking bad habbits/stoping thinking about bad things= replace it with new good things to do and think about, doing what u want and think is good, healthy, friendly, and right, expirence, exercise, socialize, expirment, helping yourself and others to get what yal want to be happy, talking to new people, not supressing your peacful expression with others, inventing, new fun happy things to do and learn, with friends, Be confident, opptomistic, smile, laugh, sing, dance,

  8. @BananaSandwich1 Do it again. Try recollecting it, if there’s improvement then you keep doing until its completely gone! That should work. Forever. 🙂

  9. Robert,

    In this video you mention that everything starts at birth. Do you believe that is where it starts or do you think it starts in the womb?

  10. great video ! you are amazing person ! God bless you !!!

  11. By far the best video I have seen on this subject. Probably on of the top ten most important videos in the world, although I can’t quite remember what the other 9 of them would be. Guess I’ll tap on remembering stuff like that!

    Thanks Robert.

    Tapping Outside the Box,

  12. you are absolutely correct sir…bravo to you for your lectures..

  13. This is the real deal. Thank you for making it so simple and easy for anyone to change their view of the world!

  14. thank you for sharing this

  15. @7744cab View it as two sides of a continuum and it is completely your choice as to which side of it you decide to view it as or from. Take your pick & make it your reality or not, as you choose. Meeting NEEDS can be just a matter of changing your expectations. Not always easy, but entirely possible if you know how to change your point of view. Being happy doesn’t require compromise. It can be achieved by paradigm shifts which can be quite easy if you’re open to it.

  16. @outoftheboxinsight the analogy of how we view our own life from within is sooo easily relatable to the “Matrix” franchise. Not just at a superficial level, but in many allegorical ways that I wish I understood better, but I’m still satisfied to watch it from the outside too. Oooops – I think my perspective shift is showing. Excuse me !

  17. @BananaSandwich1

    The feeling of uncomfortable means you are not done. You must look at it and make it completely different. Changing the play which you are playing in your mind. Robert

  18. i tried this on a few memories, I still remember them though, is that meant to be? they don’t really feel negative but i still feel a little ‘uncomfortable’ when I think about them and wish they hadn’t happened, have I missed anything?

  19. @joydstokes

    Using these videos here on my site will give you the skills to stop living in your head. Address the feelings that you have taken the wrong turn and everything that supports this belief. It is real work but you are worth the effort. Robert

  20. Hey Robert;

    I know I have a lot of these issues, How on earth do I love myself and stop living in my head and clear all this crap out? I have very few memories of things, I always feel like I have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way.
    thanks for all you do.

  21. Amazing insights here. I’m blown away by this video – thanks!

  22. @poppee949

    Thank you and keep on tapping on you! Being the change you wish to see in the world will make a BIG difference in the world. Peace Robert

  23. Thank you Robert for such an interesting video. Your explanation was easy to follow and covered so much information. Congratulations on a job well done 🙂

  24. I have been tapping since last November and I have made more progress in my own self healing in that short period of time than in my past 30 years as a therapist! The tapping has enabled me to honestly face myself and to deal with some basic feelings, hurts and fears that I had successfully hidden from so that none of my friends and family would know the true me. From hereon, they will. All of your videos are powerful but this one is tops!

  25. People do already have ways to distract from their own pain, drugs, alcohol, work, sex, food, smoking, TV, but this way is actually changing how and what we internally built within our minds. Changing our memories, releasing the pain and transforming how we do ourself is the real process of healing and change. I am honored you are here sharing and learning. Peace Robert

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