164. Trainers: The 12 Steps, Finances — Robert Smith, Faster EFT NLP

www.fastereft.com Robert & trainers discuss the Twelve-Step Program system and how it will work better with the Faster EFT system. Also, money issues are positively affected by Faster EFT through the Law of Attraction.
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02. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Oh my God how I love the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions! I think they are gifts from God! And I believe that AA was a good thing in the lives of abusive alcoholics, but that it is abusive towards more gentle people who really want to get well. It’s sort of bully style towards people who don’t like to play the bully games. They often end up being another bossy, shaming dad to the newer members. The shoot the wounded. They miss the fine points of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

  2. WOW! I was ALWAYS afraid if I let go of the pain I would lose my identity. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I have had a HUGE breakthrough today Yippie!!

  3. Self Inventory… and tap. Absolutely!

  4. Hello Robert

    Sinds a few weeks for first time i tapping on diverend blocks…. and i really see ….it Works my great fear for higs after 20year is Gone!!!

    Yesterday i was tapping about financians and start crying a lot… and feel later on verry relieve… is that sign the block is going away…

    I doint stop anymore whit EFT….

    i Now it is verry good ..we created or lives and future whit or thinking


    Thank you that you help others to help themself……go on please.

  5. I thought it sounded too harsh to tell them to shut up. Then I read pgs. 100-102 in Steven Hellers book where he describes the radical & shocking approach he used in order to break the long-standing pattern of a cancer patient. I thought, ah ha!, maybe thats what Roberts intention is here. Thank you for helping me heal and enabling me to be of service to others again. Love & Peace, Grace

  6. Great, helpful clip. Interesting stuff about 12 step programs.

  7. Robert,
    The program of A.A. did help me to recover from addictions.Therefore I thank god but, it also keep me trapped in the problem of the past.They say the #l problem is that of resentment. I would have to agree but, I never got the freedom, forgiveness or emotional control until I found you and faster eft . I no longer cling to my past and label myself a recovering alcoholic. Today I live into a future filled with exciting new possibilities. Thank U for your dedication and love.

  8. I’ve been working a 12 step program for over 25 years and its only in the last two years since practicing EFT and Faster EFT that I have been able to become truly free from stressed emotion. I cleaned up the wreakage of the past and have lived correctly, doing my best to add to the world , not take, but I was still anxious and having panic attacks. All those negative emotional experiences from the past were still eating me. Working on myself, alone and recently with Robert have set me free.

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