166. Most Powerful Force In the Universe — Robert Smith EFT NLP

www.fastereft.com Hello Robert, I wanted you to know that your DVD’s were worth every penny. Not only have I been able to make huge changes in myself, I have helped dozens of other people and I am starting a practice using your techniques. I’ll never forget the first day I came across your Youtube channel. Your message and techniques resonated with me immediately. Thanks so much for being a great teacher and compassionate healer. Sincerely, Alan Combies ******************************************************** How & why you have problems. You successfully produce your problems based on your past experiences and you repeatedly rehearse them by replaying them in your mind. The other option is to release it and let it go. What you dont want affects the law of attraction to manifest it in your life. What you do before you do it affects what you do.

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  1. is there a way to tap on behalf of another? May sound like a silly question, but id really like to help my children.

  2. Side affects are toxins in your body that remain after the products use. They will manifest as irritation, fatigue, moodswings, etc…This is the result of your body trying to eliminate the toxins. Eventually they will flush out of the system, but it takes time. Tapping will help, so will cleansing, sweating, detox baths are excellent too! Look it up on google.

  3. Yes, it does work for everybody but some will take more time than others,

  4. I have tapped away many sideaffects, so yes you can.

  5. I have a question: can you tap sideaffects away? I mean sometimes you need somesort of medication like birth control for example. Thanks

  6. Awesome video! Thank you Robert!

    The good thing, in addition to the useful content of the video, is that I’m also improving my English!

  7. hey robert i saw a site about u thats said that it works 95 procent off the time. and that you offer a money back guarantee. is this treu and doesnt this work for everybody??

  8. You give me a great strenght, robert, thank you so much for your work und passion. Especially the topic of this video: The Big Don’t !! You’r realy realy right! The Big don’t, the Big Avoiding is so strong, that sometimes i can’t breath.

    One Question: If the Don’t is rising, that should i do? I Tap the bad feeling away and than? Replace with something a do want?


  9. thank you Robert you have a heart

  10. The key is how THEY cooperate with you and its not you doing it to them. There is team work in making changes. So of course you are one of the reasons they have problems. We give them our own. So let go of the worry and when they are ready then they will work with you. Don’t take it personal and have fun healing yourself and helping those who are ready to heal come to you. Robert

  11. Robert I try EFT on me and I know it works
    wy when I try it on my wife and kids they look at me funny and I wy I felt litle confuse ,what can I do to stop this worriedI know it works

  12. Rogerc48, try clicking the HQ/”watch in high quality” button at the bottom of the video toolbar, it is next to the volume control. When I got to this page, I noticed the video was already running in so called “high quality”, but it looked like what you describe. I clicked this button and the video looked and sounded fine. Try it!

  13. Hi Robert,
    Video 166 is a good illustration of why we get what we do not want and how and what to address to get what we do want. Knowing the emotional drivers helps us heal. Thank You.
    One last point, the audio is choppy and the video now only partially works. You may want to know and edit it?
    Again, thank you so much.
    Roger Cheatham

  14. Hi Robert,
    An excellent explanation as to how the subconscious mind compounds the negative images in the mind.
    “What the subconscious mind tends to imagine comes to fruition”.

    Great work Robert,

    Ian Smith.
    Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy.

  15. I wish I could show you a before and after shot of my heart during my tapping experience with Robert’s videos. I never knew what a open heart meant until it actually happened. My friends made fun of me, but now, I lost 15 pounds and feel good for no good reason. Now they are doing it. It got me through a friend’s murder, my Dad’s suicide, losing my job. I let go of a “bad childhood story “and feel free to just enjoy life now. Give it a try.

  16. If you’ve been hesitating to work with Robert….Do it ! Do it today ! He has something absolutely unique to offer. I am a gifted therapist myself, and he has helped me immensely. Grab the opportunity to have him help you too !

  17. Release the pain and hurt then replace it with what feels good.

  18. So you have to release the negative with the positive ??
    wich means release what you don’t want and allso release what you do want ??


  19. You must release this anger and if you don’t you will be repeating it over and over again. If not only to yourself but also to others. Being responsible for what you are doing to yourself.

    When seeking revenge you should dig two graves.

    Make peace within so you will make an impact in the world.

    Peace Robert

  20. I want the people who cause shit to happen to take responsibility for their actions. I want justice.

  21. Another great video.

  22. Thanks Robert, just keep on tapping.

  23. So back-to-Earth bringing and practical. Keep it going and keep doing what you are doing!

    I usually use something like this:
    I really-really want XY, BUT … . And that usually brings all the ‘don’t wants’ to the surface.

    I totally agree with you on the “what we don’t want we actually do want” idea. Our minds work in a funny way. What we hold in mind, we get, even when it is negative and totally anti-positive.

  24. Robert, thank you once again.

  25. Thumbs up! 5/5

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