17. How Fatigue & Muscle Pain is Relieved? (Energy Medicine, Yuen Method, Hypnosis, NLP)

www.chineseenergetics.com Energy Medicine helps Muscle Pain and Fatigue?
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03. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @lordsardonicvids “who does not want to see won’t see even with glasses”

  2. absolutely amazing a doctor of the future my new role model

  3. i need to play this over and over. there is so much info to absorb. and the nice thingis the finger is pointed towards me and it works. yay!!!!!!!!!

  4. When I think of healing any pain, i visualise myself made of clay, and the pain is represented as spikes coming out of the ‘clay’, then I mentally smooth down the ‘spikes’ as if working with clay, smoothing the surface back to the way its supposed to be,

  5. Well one view of this video and i am not willing to go as far as “dmosier” in ‘debunking’ this but to me, honestly, it seems too vague. Too much here about what needs correcting but NO words detailing those ‘corrections’. I would LOVE to cease taking my hydrocodone for pain… IF i knew i was ‘carrying guilt’ and it was causing the pain, then i would be amazed as I am not the type to ‘carry’ anything…
    Once again… too vague for me.

  6. amazing like hell

  7. This works so well, and that your intent is to educate everyone so we all can use it for ourselves makes the best sense of anything I’ve heard or done before. I definitely will be a student of Chinese Energetics. Thank you Paul Wong for doing this. My rating for your videos is 5 *****

  8. total BS.
    It boggles my mind that in 2010 people still believe in this junk.

  9. The excellent and interesting video !

  10. Hi Thanks for the add
    have a nice day dear!
    nice lovely channel
    awesome videos.

  11. Very interesting!!!

  12. Energy medicine is quite interesting and works well. Try it and see

  13. @shivasgrace bullshit

  14. its the way peopel think the mind is a powerfull thing

  15. Remarkable results!

  16. I love all your videos. thank you.

  17. What intereting the most for me, is how do you know that? can you see the energy?
    Any way, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  18. very interesting. you have a talent for perception.

  19. Amazing….thank you 🙂

  20. So how exactly and what exactly is going on here???

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