172. Dealing with Cancer/Death—Robert Smith Faster EFT NLP

www.fastereft.com A step-by-step demonstration of how to release grief & anticipated loss when dealing with cancer in a loved one. This demo includes the Spinning Technique.
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  1. Who ever in all the research ever writes for one gleen of an idea about cancer losses just peruse this little thought. Oh but best to let someone die than suggest radiation is very heard on the muschles of the body and warn them. I am very upsset that doctors never talk to the person. And hey will not let you vocalize the questionable parts??? His life is ruined of course if is over. But my life got caught int he cross fire…. Does any one have a situation like this happened? Ask me

  2. I am in shock. My family in Illinois so much in shock they didn’t bother coming out to be with me. What a family huh? Oh it isn’t bad enough the pain that has been unlaoded on your entire body of loss but your family addes the worse part. I am holed up inside my home and mistrusting anything in this world anymore. All the bullshit tht is said no one cause sale radiation is hard on lingaments and muscles keep your work load down tosedate for 60 days. Wouldn’t a person who cut all all pop do this.

  3. The first words at looking at my strong husband and all we had done in nutrietion and excercse was over all over the floor. And all they said was wouldn’t you rather have it this way than him suffering. He wasn’t sufferening. A prostate merely cuts the stream down from a horse to a dripple that is not sufferening that is inconvenience. I am not angray but someone

  4. I had 20 years of a coal miners extensive CPR and othe first aid. I had a good seal and all I heard was a sound not filling his lungs but like a broken bladder flapping in his lungs. That wasn’t right at all. I resittuated. And still the sound. I cleared the arie way tilted back head and still the bladder sound.. What do we do when the people don’t warn us that thins halping I loved my husband I lived on internet. I cooked and exercised him. I created an atmosphere for healing.

  5. And doctor more concerned over his ???’rs to this untimely death was “I am just surprised ti didn’t happen sooner” Don’t you think somewhere one a month in one damn meeting we wouldn’t miss you have a heart condition take care of it.

    thee are 2 scores I could go more into with note but if a normal HA is 0-2.0 My husband had a 4.7 and the other 0-2.0 he had a 6.4. Only me with a defibibulator could have hopefully saved him. I know CPR. I tried it over and over and all I heard wa a bladder

  6. My husband was a biker railroad man for 40 years 62 years old and non fuctionating weight from a 34″ x 34 6″2″ tall strong and here he is found by me after only doing about 10″ width path of 18″ snow drift in front of garage door and dup into a depth of about 4 ft. So what 40square feet of bites of snow cause a massive heart attack. And during 7 years NO ONE physical was done on a pain with a condition as cancer Why His doctors retort to get the shit off him.

  7. I was approached in my mid sized town by curious women that at first I was suspicious of when they asked would you mind tell me about how your husband died. He was so healthy and strong and we all thought if anyone would beat this. I thought how strange but after I told my story they would ask. Did anyone ever tell you or your husband after any radiation treatment to take it eacy and not do strenous work cause radiation tears the muscles and weakness them so and it is best for a few months.

  8. Doctors are NOT telling their patients to note engage in strenous work after radition for smaller cancer concerns like prostate cancer. My husband had just finish a regimine of readition on his hip line wihere the prostate cancer had metazied and we had to get it lyuing back dlow. And the next thing is how much care is given to the guardidans for contracting overly used chemotherapy and radition in those units. Studies show many nurses and staff are contracting second hand cancer from these unit

  9. Look, you can cure cancer I’ve seen people do it. You can hear them as guests on the Cancer CureShow. But will you? I’ve also seen people fail. I will make a movie with you over Skype where I will give you the tools, or a few of them to get started with. So how about it?
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  10. @insomanywords

    You are too becoming a beam of light too! Good job!

  11. I think you are quite amazing and absolutely wonderful. Tapping along with you makes one feel lighter, happier and peaceful inside. Thank you so much for being a being of light!

  12. This is crap.Oh now I feel heal now that I let all thoses horrible feeling out about this false video . Let all tap stragers and Heal Them of a normal emotion.

  13. If you are watching this video because you are presently dealing with cancer, search for “Gerson therapy”, “Gerson protocol for cancer’, “Gerson institute” “Dr. Johanna Budwig”, “Budwig protocol for cancer”, go to drkelley-dot-com and read his book online [click on title].
    Books of all 3 doctors are available [Amazon]
    Watch the movie “The beautiful truth” ..is available at Netflix and also on youtube in segments. Cancer is curable!

  14. WOW,I have had these feelings since my Mom passed,3 1/2 yrs ago and she lived away from me and the guilt I was carrying around with me!Well,I watched this first,then replayed and tapped along and it worked!I was crying and kept tapping and now I feel peaceful when I think about it!I am so grateful,Robert.You are doing what you are truly meant to do!I ordered the mind cd set (the $84 one),will this help me to release the emotional crap I;m carrying around?

  15. Robert, why u tap on 15:01? she is not sad

  16. Beautiful healing!
    Thank you so much!

  17. I’m just curious. If I have this fear of something and I have this intense feeling in my stomach and i tap on that ‘superficial’ fear for a long long time without ‘peeling back’ the emotions behind that fear, will the fear eventually go away?

  18. I know my skills and how long it takes to make a change and yes there is always the test and retest. Your skeptisim or honest eveluation may some some value with modern psychology but this deep unconscious changes; quickly.

  19. I am addressing the deeper issues and testing to see if it is gone.

  20. It is speed-healing and my skills are fine tuned. I know things do change really quickly and this is another example of my work; Faster EFT. She did get transformations and freedom in Yes, less than 15 minutes. If I were using traditional EFT then I would still be working on it several hours.

  21. Yes and yes. But let’s not get into that. My comments are meant to be helpful rather than demeaning. I am very grateful to Robert for offering this material (sessions/seminars) for everyone to see.

  22. Have you personally used Faster EFT on yourself or on others?

  23. Some issues are more complex than others. Which is why the therapist needs honest feedback from the client. In this specific video Robert is being overconfident (unless he meets with the client afterwards to check on her status). There’s layers to this stuff, you may be able to heal your sadness but then there’s guilt coming up and your free 15minute session is over. And sometimes the layers beneath are more painful. Which is why testing is always a good + professional tactic.

  24. I am certain that if there were any third-party testing being done, it would show the results to be long term. I was there 6 mos. ago, in that chair, in front of that camera, and what I addressed with Robert there (and in private session) is still GONE. The point is we don’t need to spend 20 years in therapy for something that can be effectively released in 15 minutes, and for FREE, I might add. PEACE, Grace

  25. This demo can be easily adapted to SELF-HELP. I tap with every video I watch & take notes & use the techniques daily. Practitioner sessions alone wont work as fast as tapping on yourself daily, which is what Robert teaches. Self-help only works when applied as described here. I have many friends who have also experienced big changes just by following along with these videos. Thanks to Linda & Robert, I have recovered from 3-yrs. of disability. It’s truly Healing Magic. PEACE G:-)

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