173. Memories will Heal or Kill You: Your Choice — Robert Smith NLP EFT

www.fastereft.com You are the creator of your memories. Everything inside you is about you. What makes all your problems seem real? What does the expressions of the body and lust of the flesh really mean? Find out in this video.

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  1. Robert, I love your sense of humour!

  2. Oh – also to add sex outside of marriage in a mutual relationship where you’re friends and love each other and are monogomous – which is what I am…just by associating stress with the expressions of the body and lusts of the flesh,…the associational link – maybe not intended – but if taken literally – which is what I have done – feels pretty bad and unloving and sinful – outside of marriage – and yet it is the most beautiful spiritual bond with my partner, very deeply – & we’re both straight

  3. Sorry I mean stress equal sin/sex/lusts of the body – or is there space for what Jesus actually said about “The two shall become one flesh,” and St. Paul writes about the bond between a husband and wife – and to fulfill each other’s sexual needs.
    I am just a little confused – as for decades the catholic Church has equated sex with sin; and if stress is also “the expressions of the body, lusts of the flesh” I just wonder what this means in terms of a healthy sex life? J

  4. Dear Robert, I’d like to ask a question so I can understand what you really mean if that is okay? You say “In the Christian Bibly here is something you will never find – Stress….He must have called it something else – I heard fear I heard sin…It’s basically called The expressions of the body, lusts of the flesh.”
    Now as a catholic with the atmosphere that sex and lust are sinful – and as a human being having sexual desires – does lust = sex/lust/sin – or is there a Good place for sex too? J

  5. That end part was incredible fun. This was a pure joy, and I really appreciate it. Excellent stuff.

  6. Thank you

  7. We are all good healers, Robert is a good teacher, thats what make him different. He keeps it simple, once you understand it, it’s so simple. Thanks Robert

  8. Hi Robert,
    You truly are a great healer. These videos are priceless. I recommend that folks buy as many videos as possible or go to your site and buy them and START HEALING because this video demonstrates how important the tapping is. One question: I think you will agree is yes. Can, a person during meditation use a form of mental positive tapping to assist in confidence or other positive results one wants to achieve?
    Thanks, Robert you are a God sent help to humanity.

  9. “Your judgment is what separates you from the presence of God.” I really needed to hear that.

  10. Robert, you are a gifted healer. Thanks.

  11. thanks for this video

  12. PEACE

  13. thanks Robert, as usua la great video,
    take care

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