187. Stressed By Obama — Robert Smith, Faster EFT NLP

This is a powerful demonstration of how to take control of your anger and release it. Whether you are angry at President Obama or anything else, follow along and experience the relief and freedom of letting it go.
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28. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I gave up TV January 1st 2010, and I feel so much more relaxed…
    I loved the guys reaction at first when he said he was mad at Obama and his voice got all squeaky, took a whole lot of courage for him to be out there. Good on him!

  2. @stonegateaccent OOO poor Iraq please tell me why we’r about to help Lybia get rid of Mohmar G. but getting rid of Saddam was some kind of crime against humanity? tell me what you know about the Iran-Iraq war,and Saddam flooding the Gulf with oil I’ll wait……

  3. @stonegateaccent Sighhhh I know this is hard for you to understand think of school house rock ok? see the house and Senate write thechecks not the president Gaaaasssp! Phill Ghram wrote Repeal of Glass steagal so banks could mingle investments and savings,Bush gave a speech to congress warning them of insolvency(still with me?) the banking Com. has been run by Dems Barney F. and Chris D. now the reason you don’t know this is it was’nt on the John Stewart Show .

  4. I love u robert i think ur great but im confused by this man……i will have to tap on it

  5. @PrudenceWright Yep I agree with that. Not a problem, but this guy goes beyond that basic information that those of us in the know knows. Would he want Bush back in the office or someone like bush. Hey and you know don’t prudence that it is going to get worst. They messed up things so bad that Obama will be a one term president, if he wins a second term, I’ll turn color and then I’ll have to be tapped out with this EFT. A lot of people are still in the Matrix arent’ they?

  6. @stonegateaccent presidents are puppets. international bankers are in control.

  7. @thekaliko you mean the international bankers who control our government?

  8. @robsylspiller presidents are merely puppets. political parties mean nothing.

  9. Guys the democrats are a lesser of two evils. Both have their bad points. It’s just that this guy here is just so ignorant, Robert should tap on common sense. Obama has inherited the worst situation in the history of the country. He needs help, not all this crap that’s coming to him. Oh yes taxes will go up. How is he going to pay for the war…with green stamps.

  10. Robert, I’m a fellow tapper here in Detroit, and I do hope to take yur course as I love your method of tapping over the traditional way. But this guy here, he’s the most ridiculous specimen of human i’ve ever met. How dare he get angry and actually cry over Obama. What does he want, 4 more years of George Bush. thegov08 must be right or something. The guy is an idiot. Hey I got an idea. Let’s develop a tapping to tap in common sense and decency. He’ll we’ll make millions.

  11. this bigot deserves to be tormented with anger. he wasn’t angry with the dumbass that caused the problems?

  12. @enap66 Who was it that attacked Iraq, and now has us in two wars. Mission Accomplished…lol. Whose economic policies were the downfall of many homeowners, banks and Wall Street.. I believe even “Greenspan” called his economic model “flawed”. Who took the Iraq detainees to Gitmo so they could be detained without charges for years. This broke the rules of the Geneva Convention, but hey…we’re the USA we don’t need to play by the rules.

  13. I kind of wonder what he was mad about.
    Doesn’t really matter but I still wonder.

  14. con’t…

    Don’t forget who has a clan member in congress by the name of Robert Byrd… DEMOCRATS! You people make me sick you’re so brainwashed and lacking the basics in history, economics and politics.

  15. Don’t forget who implemented JIM CROW LAWS against blacks, DEMOCRATS! Don’t forget who emancipated the slaves… A REPUBLICAN NAMED LINCOLN! Don’t forget who started the KKK. DEMOCRATS who would beat up black republicans if they disagreed with them.

  16. …con’t

    History lesson. Martin Luther King was a republican. It was the republicans who passed ALL civil rights acts with the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson and even he was pushed by his secretary of state, A REPUBLICAN who informed him that it would be “political suicide” to vote against the civil rights act of 1964. Don’t forget who the dixiecrats were. DEMOCRATS!

  17. You’re a kid, most likely, brainwashed by the media and your fascist teachers. You will see the results of this fuck head president in a few years, some even sooner so good luck with your ignorance and stupidity. Democrats should be burned at the stake they’re such EVIL and ignorant fools who have no concern for individual freedoms, human rights or racism.

  18. @thegov08

    You’re an uneducated fool who has no understanding of economics, politics or history or you would never make a comment like that. FOX news, or FAUX news as you put it has more viewers on a daily basis than ALL the networks put together at peak viewing hours.

  19. @twospiritboi Yes, I do agree.

  20. @HealingMagic

    The less news and other TV I watch, the better I tend to feel. It can be very addicting. And like anything that has it’s value, it can be misused. And pollute your thinking with too much negativity.

  21. The world will be a boring, sad place without Americans, we love you guys…

  22. He might have to leave the KKK now. 🙂

    I mean, I don’t like Gordon Brown or Tony Blair but I don’t get like this!

  23. u got it man,
    it not about D or R
    its about being white and raciest

  24. Oh, Ok. I have no clue who they are. good deal that there are people out there who are…

  25. no i was referring to the man you were tapping on in this video. Glenn beck and hannity are two right wing idiots on ‘Faux news’.

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