199 Stupid Science Tests

How to address problems studying and taking tests at any age, for any subject.
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19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. poor little girl – so young and yet stuck in the dilemma of competitiveness 🙁

  2. This is the answer I’ve been looking for, I feel like that little girl did, all the time, now it will be my time to shine, and I am 50, thank you!!! Let us all be healed, Thank You.

  3. I just figured out that my problem in school and learning was that I didn’t have the mental images like you describe to the young girl. And I always thought I was a stupid person, now I know different. Thank you!

  4. @SmileBig888
    mehr zum optimalen Denken und Lernen und zur optimalen Rechtschreibstrategie im Kanal von gedankensprungverlag

  5. @ohme1kanoby Im sure they will enjoy it

  6. @MamaTrina GOOD FOR YOU!

  7. I like that you gave her a NEW confession of acknowledging herself positively as she let go of the old garbage. NICE! What a sweet, lovely little girl. She’s gonna be an AWESOME teenager, now that she’s equipped with the way to help HERSELF.

  8. Hi, My name is Brian David! and I just watched a guy touching a naive girl


  10. You are welcomed!!!

  11. Hi Robert, that piece was missing! We treated a lot of stuff in my phone session with you a couple of weeks back- it helped me a lot, thank you again!
    But this here is perfect in my daily work with students. THANK YOU
    Love from Germany…

  12. what a great clip. she is gorgeous. Im going to show my girls this clip.

  13. You are one of the smarts ones!! Robert

  14. Great, Robert, very insightful session. I’m gonna play it again and tap along with it – thanks so much!

  15. Maybe I said it wrong. I meant to say it is nice to see you working with kids for a chance ‘in your videos’ because usually your videos are with adults. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful videos. You are almost on video 200! Congrats!

  16. I will do a video on that…

  17. I work with kids everyday!! They always regress back no matter how old they are.

  18. Those points are “cables” between our subconscious mind and our internal organs, which produce the chemical reactions that are identified as feelings. When our subconscious mind is filled with negative emotions from the past, it sends those signals through those energy “cables” down to our internal organs, making us feel all the bad chemicals. When we tap, we neutralize the negative current flowing through those “cables”. This allows us to face our traumas without being shocked with chemicals.

  19. Robert..it is nice to see you working with kids for a change. What a blessing it is to see how they will be changing their lives with such a powerful and wonderful technique such as the one you teach. I commend you for all you do and as always I can’t wait to watch your next video.

  20. amazing!!! what do u need to be better in spelling? its a good question too

  21. You are obviously well educated, and would be a talented psychologist no doubt, but I’m confused as to what the tapping on the certain areas of the face and lower neck has to do with the deprogamming of behavioral tendencies. I understand the verbal affirmations, but the incorporation of touch and tapping simply confuses me. Please good sir, refrain from telling me it has anything to do with chakric allignments… -_- That would simply revolutionize contemporary psychoanalytical theory.

  22. good work. you help so many.

  23. Great work. I notice when she thought about tests in the beginning, she looked down (kinesthetic). In the end, when she thought about tests, she looked up (visual). Cool.

  24. Robert, as always excellent work.
    Today, I had what was really a crappy day…started new job and hated it…and following this video – releasing on my predicacment – and tapping must took away all that bad energy…thanx.

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