2 Interpreting Media Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP

2 Interpreting Media Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP Neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) is a controversial interpersonal communication model applied in psychotherapy and other contexts of communication and change. It was initially co-created by Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the 1970s based on the communication and behavioral patterns acquired from gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, family systems therapist Virginia Satir and psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson. The originators emphasize modeling of excellence as the core methodology of NLP, that is, the methods they used to imitate and produce the models of exceptional communicators. They also claim that the basic assumptions of NLP draw from aspects of neurology (“neuro-“), transformational grammar (“linguistics”) and cybernetics (“programming”). It has often been promoted as an art and science of effective communication and defined as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’. Others put more emphasis on the tools, techniques and applications specific to contexts such as psychotherapy, business management and communications training, motivational seminars, personal development, and teaching. en.wikipedia.org
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06. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @openfreethinker NO, trust me your not. Many of them are hybrid reptilian shapeshifters.

  2. i dunno abt u, but the Fox assholes and their constant interruption pisses me off.

    i’d close this tab if this guy werent explaining about NLP. hell, in O’Reilly vs Jon Stewart videos, i kept the video running only because of Stewart.

  3. 1. these videos have changed my thinking. 2. it’s anti-semite not seeeeeeemite, light e.

  4. @barra2k8 evidently so! 🙂

  5. @openfreethinker No, David Icke thinks some are Reptillian/Human hybrids. He could have a point!

  6. Am I the only one who thinks fox newsreaders are not human beings?

  7. <3 Jonathan AdamPants <3

  8. shaun Hannity suck neo con dick

  9. samcorin – The only problem you have is the narrator? He MADE the video!!! Duh… If you watch it all and watch it all the way through a few times maybe you’ll start to work it out…

  10. Thank goodness I don’t watch these programs.

  11. This is really fascinating to me, but the only problem i have is with the narrator. Could it be that he is reading too much into this and trying to make sense of everything that might be mostly coincidental like the gestures, or, are these guys trained in the art of nlp? And the 666?? cmon I want to believe there is something more to the interview than meets the eye, but it had to be ruined with outlandish propositions.

  12. This is really fascinating to me, but the only problem i have is with the narrator. Could it be that he is reading too much into this and trying to make sense of everything that might be mostly coincidental like the gestures, or, are these guys trained in the art of nlp?

  13. great videos, i do a podcast, i’d love to talk about this sometime with you

  14. When you realize the minions of the Elite power have been placed in control/ownership of the major sources of information and entertainment, you then begin to see the reason our acquaintances and family believe we are crazy when we speak of anything to do with the NWO.Certain words and phrases have been so tagged as to illicit strong Pavlovian responses at the mere mention.Even when the certain revelation has become a part of official history they will not believe you; the response is so great.

  15. most of it made sense to me, the 666 thing was a bit far fetched though. seriously, come on…

  16. Can’t help but think they have an NLP “play sheet” on the desk in front of them. A few levels of intensity:
    attack for emotional response/break concentration
    link to racist (or other) trump cards
    wait for breathing gaps to interject
    Most of these can be done without really listening to the interviewee.
    I’m sure with 6 weeks practice one could be very proficient at this.

  17. there needs to be so many more videos exposing this shite.

  18. @Deeredman4 well said ma man

  19. your right here on all accounts except 1 the Ok symbol with his hands is not meant to be 666 it is a trigger to an anchor he layed earlier in the first video what did he do when he wanted the other guy to shut up he made an Ok symbol and he made the guy shut up which made that anchor then he used the OK symbol again to trigger that anchor and make the guy be quiet to enforce his interrupt to disrupt his thinking

  20. its a nice video, thanks for sharing these information with us, but I do believe that you are over-analyzing. The stuff with 666 is just seems really farfetched, I dont believe fox newsman are trained in their spare time to use such body language.

  21. Why are you shitting on your argument with the 666 thing?

  22. uh the fox = 666 using the math? i don’t think so. Cuz is a red fox a red 666? I mean i don’t think that works. It’s just a coincidence.
    7:37 – professor fights back! yay!
    7:47 – the pinky thing… could be. maybe, maybe not. (Lol at small penis)
    8:42 – fail… -_____-
    9:42 – 666! ok i don’t know this is true, but just noticing it.
    again, i’m analyzing the analysis.

    I’m thinking of a question probably many have thought – when does one leave effective or powerful expression into manipulation?

  23. 3:53 – i know what you’re saying… i can see how the reporter is able to do that… i mean the professor quoted a person quoting the bible or some thing. Yes that is manipulation. (also note, professor was talking about someone else saying that “…to Kingdom come”, but the reporter links it to the professor himself… saying “you are allowed to believe what you want” to the professor)
    5:36 lmao. I won’t discredit you. You could be right. – btw i noticed you used the colors red blue and white

  24. 2:39 – i must disagree.. those phrases are not always derogatory… and it sounds like YOU are manipulating us now – with that voice and with the “Because they want you to be dumb. that’s why…” now i know you said “that’s why in society…” but the way u put it make it seem to go with “because they want you to be dumb”.
    3:13 – “that should be obvious to you.” <-- just noting what you said here. (but yes, it was obvious to me.)

  25. First 14 seconds… omg this news reporter is an ASS. Yes that the “conspiracy nut” thing is … despicable. The “put it aside” sounds more like misdirecting to me. But you COULD be right. maybe.
    2:07 – yes that is obvious
    (i wonder why the professor even agrees on the interview. Why not publish a book, or have a fairer interview with someone and air that?)

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