20. How Chest Pressure is Relieved?

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19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. very nice


  3. @kansasisaband
    Oh, OK. Maybe that sounds much better. While I’m not sure still I appreciate the real meaning, it’s a bit distant to me.

    I suppose it is important to explain it more fully. “Neutralize” is quite an emotive term – you know, seen in some cartoon fantasy war adventures ‘obey be neutralized’ – that kind of thing. When you use the word for self action in response to kind of attacks, it can seem all wrong, as if one had been at fault in energy or not being prepared.

  4. @GeneticIdentity101 decade of minutes maybe

  5. @lecochonbleu You missed a couple points to the corrections. Neutrality is neither hot nor cold, but neutral. You’re not having your values “removed”. There is a difference between LOSING and neutralizing. “Neutralize” the affects of low points in your life is, perhaps, better translated as, “bringing back into balance the energetic affects of the low points in my life, so that I can enjoy the energies of life NOW without the old lows affecting me” There’s a huge difference.

  6. < 3 Also to be "corrected" for your own lows, and have your values removed - "neutralised" - this is "Stepford" or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". It is not good. It is not wise. It is paratrooper training, or on the 'illegal' side, terrorist training. Not sensitive human development training. Not inspiration to become the full, real, developing, development able you. It's advising people to erect shields, to make a sizeable part of their personality just a dead, characterless shield.

  7. < 2 ... Unless a person kind of aims at the lows - this is harmful. Lows are what happen to you. If you're genuine, you will experience lows. Especially in the modern world, so many bad people prey on genuine people pretending they are weak. It's ingenuine to wrap yourself, to artificialise yourself against lows. YOU are not what happens to you. How you feel should be natural. ... cont ...

  8. Hi there (pleased to become a Yt friend). But I want to say I am not a fan of some of the concepts in this video. It seems artificial to suggest that one should ‘avoid’ lows because there is less chance of good, timely recovery – because one recovers better if one is less low most of the time.

    cont >

  9. Couldn’t possibly be that she probably lives a sedentary lifestyle and could stand to lose weight, oh my no, her “qi” is just off.

    Way to go, maybe you will cure her diabetes with this method in a decade?

  10. cool video.

  11. apply some pressure

  12. I prescribe major diet and lifestyle changes for this woman. Organic food, less wheat and dairy, cut out the meat and bad oils and meditate for many many years. Also, focus on the breath. Squat for bowel movements, stay away from medical doctors and prescription drugs. Get into juicing – herbs and no more TV! lololol!

  13. anyone who comments watch my vedio. It an,t perfect but its a start. I need the support, and be sure to subscribe while your at it, because I promise I,ll make better vedios soon enofe.

  14. Really glad to see you back on a juice feast – I did the 92 day earlier in the year and stayed raw for a further 3 months – then some emotional stuff derailed me – I need to start again!! Was wondering if doing green smoothies would be a slightly softer option? With love etc from UK x

  15. Hi Thanks for the add!
    Nice lovely channel.
    AWEsome videos.

  16. ALADDIN GEE–Thanks for the invite my new friend now i will take some time out to sub and comment on your video i think the video is very good well done i feel the talent i rate it thumbs up please sub back looking forward to see more great videos from you mad love for your channel from yo boy ALADDIN GEE

  17. l like the vibe here and l sub’d

  18. Too enigmatic – Paul should say HOW HE DOES THE CORRCTION – not just that he did it. Not informative a t all

  19. @TheOwl54 that’s pretty cool I usually feel a flow of particles on everything I’ve watched

  20. excelente video, me ha gustado mucho

  21. See a doctor folks. This is nothing more than faith healing in a new agey psuedo scientific package.

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  23. The scene when you moved your hand up and down in front of the lady was very interesting and fascinating. I could feel a flow of particles and I knew that the job was done. Amazing ! Thank’s for this demonstration !

  24. Very interesting

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