21st Century Capital Warfare – Radio Freeman 1 / 6

Freeman speaks on World Parliment Echelon Project Wormwood Iran EMP Lucifer Maitreya New Light Experiment Technocracy

13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. most idiot americans defend their government… think about it, if americans of all people, can be so brainwashed that they hand over their personal freedom to the US government, and even defend their slavery and glorious democratic tyranny over individual rights…if people are so stupid and easily controlled as that, it is absolutely no stretch of the mind, to think that the world will rush into a one world government..they are completely brainwashed into loving unified central governments

  2. They are just getting ready for the arrival.


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  4. Check out the similarity between the plan of the Mecca Gate near Mecca and the Austrailian parliment building. This is the sign of infinity. Look up pictures of the Mecca gate and you will see more symbology similar to Caberra.

  5. what is a sea smurff?

  6. jesus is a mushroom

  7. I recon these Phobos dudes are observing us at the moment. If they are conscious beings (unlike the bluebloods) then they must pretty gutted to have to throw the asteroid belt at us…

    Or they may be helpers to the bluebloods.. i.e. contacted by John Dee? maybe…

  8. Revelation6v8@doubleaamazin

    Paul says it is OK to eat things sacrificed to idols. He calls himself an Apostle when he is not. If he is then he is the 13th. Paul never met Jesus in the Flesh like the other 12. Paul teaches that we should have a corporate church structure . Jesus says call no man your master or father. Paul says we are not under the law. Jesus says he came to fulfill the law !

    You follow Paul aka Saul of Tarsus I will follow Jesus Christ the Holy One if Israel.

    James 2:17

  9. @Revelation6v8
    Psalms 82 says we are Gods, so what are you talkin bout?? The Hebrew word for God is a title and not a name. Like you may call me Lord DoubleAAmazin…you would say Lord and my name..
    There is no secret God that no one new about in the OT. That train of thought originates in the gnostic writings which for the most part are complete rubbish.

  10. @Revelation6v8
    You must have been reading too many comic books and taking too much acid and PCP

  11. @Revelation6v8
    Paul doesnt contradict anything, you just cant understand what he is sayin. I want an example of how Paul contradicts Christ.

    The scripture said David was a man after the Most High’s own heart, what your saying is lunacy.

  12. The aliens will try and save us, the world leaders will pretend to. Kill them on the way with star wars or HAARP.

  13. awesome stuff freeman keep it goin

  14. tetragrammaton…search Nassim Haramein ,,Live at Rogue Valley videos ,,he realy lays it out in plain terms as to the geomertic basic hidden in plain site as to how some of these techs rely to operate ..well worth the time if your busy lives allow ..Many Thanks for loading this interveiw ! 5*fav !

  15. @Revelation6v8 tetragrammaton … jah bel on

  16. good find on the widow’s son. I have also noticed that in the old testament bible there is the LORD, (jehovah) and there is God (Elohim) Also when there is a repeat story the first is usually God and the second the LORD.

    This duality exists in the new testament as well since Paul was a Master Builder who contradicts what Jesus taught.

    My theory is that King David went bad after her married an eygptian and solomon was all bad.

    This is what jesus said when he rebuked the syngog of satan.

  17. .’The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I
    have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated
    and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by
    the benevolent wisdom of the priests…’

  18. We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you hear, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It’s one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

  19. We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
    Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
    We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
    All the gifts of life are held within our walls

    Look around at this world we’ve made
    Equality our stock in trade
    Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
    Oh, what a nice, contented world
    Let the banners be unfurled
    Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand


  21. Whats this guy’s full name?

  22. Could some kind of Quantum Coherence Meizner Field thing happen between those towers?

  23. Freeman! The view from above on the cities of Astonna especially, it looks like a circuit board! Then when you said that it looks like a electrical current could go between the gold pillars, I was SURE that it is a “circuit board”!

  24. holy shit,this just gets more real everyday

  25. its like there making new “wonders” of the world … the ways of the hashashim mindcontrol dominate the WORLD … people i talk to in other countries cant look up the shit we can here … this makes me believe that for some reason they want us educated … and in fact we all are educating ourselves and some are adepts in the new dispensational religion and dont even know it …astana meaning threshrld …are those big pillars brass ? check out kings chapter 7 verse 14 start and just keep reading

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