21st Century Capital Warfare – Radio Freeman 2 / 6

Freeman speaks on World Parliment Echelon Project Wormwood Iran EMP Lucifer Maitreya New Light Experiment Technocracy
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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. truth is stranger than fiction

  2. @shaunclarey77
    just shows how much of a lunatic this dude is, lol…

  3. @thedayitriedtodie Ha ha ha ha…I just shouted that at the monitor…lol. I suppose it’s an easy enough mistake seeing as they were both from the same time. One being a great band, and the other being the stone temple pilots!

  4. Thanks for the upload stainless.

  5. black hole sun is soundgarden, u freak

  6. 8:29 firefox on computer if program wow crazy.

  7. Black Hole Sun; Soundgarden.

  8. its broken by the way 😀 hehehe
    how cool is that 😀

  9. Yea, because they are mocking the Bible and God. The Book of Revelation is TRUE and it is prophetic. That is just my opinion. Freeman is awesome.

  10. I did a video about Rodin… 666=9 This guy is good…


  12. The ABC is not channel 666…

    It’s channel 2…?

    i’m not sure what he meant by that….

  13. Buddhism can never be reconciled with other world religions due to the fact that the Buddha said his followers shall not worship ANY deities.
    There are Gods and they are as mortal as we, bound to samsaric existence.
    Whoops. Sorry NWO.

  14. I was sitting around last week wondering when the next realisation would occur within my experience, not really realising it’s happening NOW. Thank you Freeman from UK Midlands


  16. @bartingman
    2:23 no its just a geometric repräsentation of a mathematical principle. The stargate shape is not intentional, only a decoration, whats important is inside the circle. i highly recommend you to look into marko rodin’s work though, that gives a wider understanding of universe and ties into kabbalism as well.

  17. 2:23 This looks allot like the Stargate from the series. In fact the last Atlantis Season about the Uri tells quit well what has happened here St. Germain and Maitreya being the Ascended Uri Masters and Marduk-Ra or Suprieme The false GOD
    For those who follow a religion this is your energy being harvested for the false “gods” You die you get reprogrammed in the “white light” and recycled to earth to be reppy food…but no longer..
    United we stand divided we fall
    Much love and awareness to all

  18. Keep an eye out The Sorcerers of Atlantis and Operation Culture Creation

  19. Soundgarden, right. Been a long time since I listened to Rock & Roll 🙂

  20. Does this have anything to do with their Lucifer Project in any way?

  21. @tfrenn I think Freeman wants to write a book, but he’s been so busy with his radio and tv spots, he hasn’t had time. I’m sure it will be something he’s going to do though. I’ve been following Freeman about 3 years now.

  22. Why doesn’t Alex Jones talk about these things, I wish I heard of this man earlier. Does he have any books written?

  23. You said if you go with your heart you can be mislead, so the quote I sited actually supports your claim. I was merely explaining that I’m not going with my heart either. But It’s been nice talking to you sir. God bless!

  24. “Black Hole Sun” is a Soundgarden song. Freeman, THANK YOU for doing this!

  25. @truthPacifist yeah right, everything i will say you will find a quote from the bible that contradicts it. ive been there, thanks for the fruitful discussion…

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