2/5 Derren Brown Investigates – The Man Who Contacts The Dead (Cold Reading)

Derren Brown takes off around the globe to uncover some extraordinary supernatural and psychic claims. He starts in Liverpool, meeting Joe Power, who claims the ability of communicating with the dead, including John Lennon. In this episode, Joe comes face to face with Derren’s discerning eye. This isnot mine (belongs to Channel 4)… Just for “fair use” to bring this important message to you! “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”
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23. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. So she went away from it not thinking that psychic ability was bogus but that both of them were psychics. Ummmm….

  2. “I like to go with facts…” and then ask them as questions just in case I’m wrong.

    I can’t believe this guy is apparently so good and he tried to go for another “hit” after he had a decent reading!

  3. @Lauren Anyone yeah, that reaction actually was pretty good!

  4. I find it really telling that Joe gets so defensive as soon as Derren shows his skills and states they aren’t psychic abilities. If Joe was truly psychic and believed it 100%, he wouldn’t have to attack, he would be confident enough to say, “That was really impressive, Derren. It just goes to show that your level of skill can closely mimic what I get when talking to the spirits.” Wouldn’t he? But instead, he attacks and tries to diminish Derren’s skills with bs about “Facts” that aren’t.

  5. ‘Don’t think about the affair’ = crash AND burn.

  6. I wonder how much of Darren’s reading was already set up for him to get his “hits.” This is a TV show after all and his show . . .

  7. lol 1:16 had me cracking up! Derren is the best.

  8. LMAO @ Baldie McBald trying to be the typical competitive Alpha Male. What a loser-face.

  9. Like this if you know Derren came up with facts as well.

  10. How the hell did he know the color of the cats and the country they went too??

  11. @TheBuzzlightyear1234
    what auric? I know magnetic field is real >_>

  12. Woah so red is usually legal issues involving vehicles. Very specific for a primary color. I guess there weren’t very many red auras before the mass production of vehicles :P.

  13. Claire with her Fine, Fine Booty! I can undress her with my eyes!

  14. tell these psychic bastard to try fooling anyone BUT the master …

  15. Derren is bloody brilliant! Nothing else to it.

  16. joe is kinda fake…

  17. Derren is a BAAAD man!

  18. “I give FACTSSS.”
    bitch is fierce.

  19. What a scumbag this Joe Power is…

  20. 4:12 – joe turns all green in 3…2…1! bravo derren u r the best

  21. @LacedShit No, I was commenting on the fact that Derren tried to convince the girl that he wasn’t psychic, but she wouldn’t believe him.

    It’s crazy that people are so gullible @_@.

  22. @natuankur Agreed!

  23. @Aleprechaunist1987 After watching many of Darrens stuff. Im gonna say he admitted off camera. I dont think Darren is cruel enough to walk away letting someone believe such a thing :/

  24. derrens only a psychic if you define that as being able to read people…

  25. @Aleprechaunist1987 i had the same reaction to this lol……i mean wtf does a guy have to do to prove to people that its all fucking garbage…..but gotta luv derren for trying so hard…..i bet there must be a few people atleast who manage to get the message through their thick skull lol….

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