250 Happy Journal, Depression & Certification with Robert Smith

the happy journal and certification
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20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Can’t wait to be certified.

    “they can’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel” HAHAHA love your Okie turns of phrase.

  2. If there were no people called celebraties but famous AND talented people like you, what would the world be like? I hope we’ll get there some time to find out. 🙂

  3. started to cry but then i started to laugh. I thought to myself that there is always gonna be ups and downs so what… I think life always gives u back everything, there is a reason why we suffer, we laugh or we r on the earth. The aim is not to look for it, the aim is to live it. So im still living the dream. I think you gonna have a bunch of hungarian fans from now on 🙂

  4. I have been through lot of things in my life, even Im quite young…I have to say i really appriciate your efforts, trying ppl to figure out themselves. I think its really important to know how to react and deal with things. I remember there were times when i was really down and i said to myself there couldnt be a way further down, and it was. But then i thought to myself and what can i do about it. There were so many bad things, big ones and small ones as well, that i went on my knees and

  5. my dream is to meet u one day ive only been wacthing u on youtube for 3 weeks an uve helped me so much i cant believe it lol xxx

  6. You have helped me more than any doctor ever has. Thank you so much for the insight. Much thanks and blessing to you!

  7. Hey everybody I’ve got kind of an odd EFT story. I think it’s pretty cool I hope you find it useful too. I have had really bad penmanship for a long time. When I take notes I can’t read my own printing, it just sort of get’s all messy. So I thought to myself “letting go of this fear of printing neatly feeling.” I did about 8 rounds and my printing looks very clear and neat. It sounds a little goofy and maybe it’s not Earth shattering but I think it’s pretty cool and I’m proud of the change.

  8. @fairyelfin You may help me clean it up first!! Messy man. Robert

  9. @winxclub23ful I am very happy and proud of you for using these videos to take control of your life. I am honored! Peace Robert

  10. robert,
    i have problems of temper although i sometimes keep them to myself i aslo just love to watch your videos because i feel some people are like me and i lots of times get so depressed i find that your videos are like i can watch them and feel i can be myself i dont have to hide anything your videos help people more then you think and please keep doing what your doing

  11. Would love to party in your hat closet Robert! Thank you for making me smile:) Peace and Love

  12. Hey Robert , Just wondering what you make of James Randi? He offers 1 million to anybody that can prove they can do something that goes against the laws of science. Would you put foward Faster EFT ? Thanks for all your work and healing you provide to millions

  13. amazing ! at 2.27 you are talking about a cake and you pause to say “dirt”…..first time listening, i heard you say dirt in my mind very clearly at the pause, before you said it ! maybe you could do a segment on eft and telepathy ? any thoughts ?

  14. I will be coming at the end of march to Cork.

  15. @HealingMagic — To be honest I thought it was really good- Dr Dyer focus’ upon the EGO which I know you do not agree with , in the same sence that he does — the way I look at it is its all about change and thats what every spiritual teacher teaches including your goodself– anyway let us know what you think its all uploaded on youtube … Thanks for all your work and if you are ever making a visit to Ireland I would be very honored to meet you.

  16. NO i hadn’t and maybe I will soon. What do you think? Robert

  17. Hey Robert,
    just wondering did you see Wayne Dyer’s movie THE SHIFT?
    Just wondering what your thoughts were,
    Thanks for all your work and and please do take time yourself to appreciate the gift you are giving to people

  18. Thanks Robert for the clarification i have passed it on to others with the same enquiries, cant wait for more learnings…

  19. Great wisdom and simple understandings do help us all. Peace to you! Robert

  20. Thanks Robert, great video, it all makes sense to me. Great hat too!

  21. Cheers Robert, that video answered alot about the certification course–

    All my best

  22. Thanks for showing us how to change our insides to create a new outside in simple steps! I am grateful for you! I have to chuckle with with?

  23. Surround yourself with positive; eat positive, breathe positive, think positive, see positive, do positive, hear positive, do positive, AND YOU’RE POSITIVE. It’s contagious. Remember, you’ll become attractive to others. Be prepared to share the treasure that your knowledge and experience has blessed you with; understanding, compassion, love, peace, God. Love, Peace

    God bless

  24. Love the cake analogy – made me laugh! So true…..

  25. ahh you got a new hat. yep, i wanna be an expert in good memories. i will begin a happy journal. i decorated a cute journal and i got a neat pen. i am gonna write after my daily walks. ((cuz i feel good for no reason))

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