266 Healing Attitude – Everything we say and do is about our inner world.

Your attitudes are the keys to healing your life and understanding how to improve it. You give the meaning to your life based on your own perception. Discover the art of letting go of the judgments, bitterness and anger.
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29. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Perception is projection. Wow. That is powerful!!

  2. @MishuTaste EFT is emotional freedom technique, which is a system of tapping on certain parts of the face and body to neutralize pain and painful emotions. It is derived from ancient chinese accupressure points………… or something like that.

  3. @chroNick546

    We are to release the pain attached to it and let it go back to the past which is over now. If you or I replay events then it becomes us who are tormenting ourselves. We are to release everything attached to it to be at peace with ourself. So, Yelp it happened and now it is over. Peace

  4. I’m not really sure if I understand. If your father raped you when you were a child, and you think about that memory one day how are you supposed to not feel the emotions of it?

  5. if i could just be there right now….

  6. What is “tapping?”

  7. thank you for reminding about perceptions and our internal map of the world. This is very right.

  8. @killyourtyrant

    I am trying to understand what you are trying to say. I am missing it. Please make it a bit more clear for me to understand.

  9. …that want to force their opinion and point of view on you. It’s not a very wise thing to try to change a “cat” into a “dog when they’re really just a “cat”

    You are created to do just exactly what you were created to do and to be joyous in what you do!!!

    And that’s that!!!

    Thank You.

  10. Stupid people do stupid things that do not benefit God or “man-kind” as a whole.

    Not everybody can “change it” There are bad guys that practice light bending too and their intent is to definately abuse people that don’t deserve it!!!

    Just read a book called The Fifth Agreement, about how we are buying into needless pain by buying into unhealthy belief systems, these can be “taught” by “good intentioned teachers” …

  11. @SuperEire32

    Of course do it again and again until it heals completely. Good job for your persistence! Robert

  12. Hey Robert,
    I hurt my arm a while back [pulled a musscle or something] any I tapped on it and it improved a good deal but next morning it came back ? any advice ?
    Thanks for all you work , keep it up

  13. thank u Robert 🙂

  14. @ggmoda
    Joe I am coming in Late May! Robert

  15. Beautiful backdrop for a great message!

  16. Robert Rocks again ! When u comin 2 oz ?

  17. It is simply the truth!
    thank u,

  18. Great words ,true wisdom, and a wonderful peaceful view. Thanks for giving of yourself to make a difference in all of our life’s. Peace

  19. Thank you for sharing this video, I know that it will help me and my family. God Bless.

  20. Very impressed with your words. and they are very truthful. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

  21. I love it when you explain this. I still can’t fully process it, but I am trying LOL!

  22. Perception is merely Projection – very true, when I find myself criticising others actions towards me, whether in a memory replay or in my day-to-day interactions – I ask myself the question before I reach a conclusion, is my perception of them really just a projection of some deficiency in myself? ..and if so then I just send myself some love and self-acceptance – I find this very rewarding and perhaps a life lesson I have needed all along 🙂

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