287. Traditional EFTers shares their Experiences with Faster EFT in Manchester England

Learn more at www.fastereft.com How does Faster EFT compare with original EFT? Amazing shifts in learning how to ask and accept gifts for yourself. A psychotherapist has finally learned how to effectively help his clients. How FEFT improves yoga practice and many more amazing training and results. www.FasterEFT.com

10. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. THANKYOU SO MUCH this is amazing, I felt a serious change that felt euphoric and amazing, I see life in a different light and feel at peace. I now really wanna go to one of your seminars <3

  2. @Ishkiia I was at this seminar, I had a vision of the future and fasterEFT was the standard for healing in the future, they’ll be no more drugs and anti depressants. Being at the seminar has inspired me to learn every thing I can about fasterEFT and heal as many people as I can.

  3. I hope one day I can go to one of these seminars. i have just bought the training packages and am looking forward to learning but even that isn’t the same as going to the seminars

  4. Needless to say amazing work as usually. You make the process so easy to use and make changes. So glad the world has found you.You are truly changing the world one person at a time and then they are changing others. The impact of your willingness to make the internal changes within yourself has shifted the external world.WOW I have enjoyed watching and being apart of this huge change.Thank YOU!

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