30. #1. Michelle – Sister Murdered Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

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  1. Nice hair Asian women ***lushfmlk.info***

  2. My god, what a transformation! In like 6 mins he took this poor sweet women who has suffered a life of profound sadness all the way to hope and personal peace. Show me any ‘shrink’ that can do that much deep work in mere minutes. This is why I believe in healing using Faster EFT, as opposed to years of conventional therapy. Bless you Robert….
    ‘PEACE’, Debi


    Robert how can I speak with her?

  4. I know what you mean. I have been in high alert mode for almost my entire life (I am 45). It is truly a wonder, a miracle, that I enjoy the physical health that I have. It is a wonder that my heart did not explode long ago from prolonged stress and adrenaline. I have made many bad decisions because of high alter- fight or flight. I am just now getting into Robert’s videos, though I have known of them for a little while, relatively. He is remarkable!

  5. Robert your techniques are truly revolutionary. Anyone reading this should also view video #38. Where you will see Michelle again, emotionally free and physically transformed. She is almost 100 hundred pounds lighter. NO one could doubt the efficacy of your techniques after after viewing these two videos
    : )! AMAZING!!! Thank you Robert! Robert I hope you will consider linking these two videos : )!

  6. Everyone has a ringing in their ears but some pay more attention to it. Not sure it is will fade but it could. It is important to change how you represent what happened inside you.

  7. I also developed problems with tinnitus and over-sensitive nervsystem which I think is because of the huge stress my body experiences for months (imagine your body being in high-alert mode -like being chased down the street- for months). Robert, do you think my tinnitus will fade as my mind and body recover?

    Thanks for all your videos!

  8. I had a very traumatic event this summer and these videos have made me survive through the worst moments of PTSD and anxiety. I still have many strong feelings and tap daily in hope that all the tensions eventually will vanish…

  9. Wow! you don’t get to see that everyday. Miracles can happen with this technique.

  10. Generalized anxiety has it places and times as well internal representation which are references. I person has their belief system which also supports the behavior. Depression on the other hand has the same basic system. How do you know your depressed? Do you have proof that you are creating depression. Depression is also a creation based on belief system, events and life structure. I will also say if you think happy thoughts it is also a chemical problem.

  11. Excellent work. How do you deal with feelings that have no vivid or specific memories attached to them? Like with generalized anxiety or depression?

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