35. Abused at Six & Now Free Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

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17. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. thank you i had been through this when i was a young boy now im 40 . i just followed this and now the memory seems to have been blocked off and as i did what you did the memory seemed to have trouble getting back into my head thank you so much i feel free!! bless you

  2. You have the gift of freedom. There are many other areas you can also heal so keep up the good work. Peace

  3. Thank you both for this video! I too was able to tap along and imagine my own childhood trauma (which I believe has been causing me similar grief for the past 25+ years).

    It’s gone and I can vaguely even picture it.

  4. Thank you I needed this so much. I just let something go that cost me 26 years of daily pain. Thank you for not taking it away from me, thank you for helping me change it, and thank you to the lady who was brave enough to let go of her pain.

  5. She is awesome too!! Thank you. Robert

  6. I am so proud of you and keep on tapping. Heal yourself so you can help the world. Peace Robert

  7. Thank you Robert!
    I just love your videos. They helped me with my thesis, my gradutation, my self-esteem.
    And I’m keep gettin better and better.

  8. I think this is truly healing, what is most important is the compsion, and the desire to heal, kindness to all

  9. Robert you do wonderful work! The lady in this video is a personal friend. Thank you!

  10. The key to your success is this, DO WHAT WORKS UNTIL YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE and become flexible in your process. If it takes tapping it 78 times then get the results you want. Always check the memory when you are done to see if it has changed. Make it or changes it to a positive experience.

    There is normal but the way you do it is normal for you.

    Water is a healing agent…good clean water and lots of love. Robert

  11. 3. If I tap on a point a few times and then proceed to the next, I feel it is too early to switch and rather stay on the same spot until all the tears have been fully released. If I just tap 5-7 times proceed quickly, the tears might just have started to flow but I do not want to abort this release prematurely so that is why I tap like crazy on each spot. Would you say this is normal?
    Finally, I do drink a lot when I tap, cause the flooding of tears that comes with tapping seems to be endless.

  12. About the tapping, there are three things I wonder about:
    1. I notice that you usually do not tap under the nose and under the mouth. Is there a reason for this?
    2. Since it seems natural to feel sorrow after a sad event, is there not a risk that the tapping with quick results could stop the body to go through the normal period of grief, thus cutting these feelings in a too early stage when they have not been fully processed? (With the risk that they come back again)?

  13. There was no real threat, but I felt i was under pressure and in a kind of trance (just like have been talking about on your videos).

  14. I would also address that feeling I have to give in to it and the fear of what would happen if you stood up for yourself. Forgive yourself, love yourself and honor yourself.

  15. Thank you for that! Yes, I will try to forgive myself and accept getting over it. However, the first months I couldn´t think clearly about it without getting panic attacks. Tapping helped me think more clearly and understand what occured and in what order. I feel, I can not let it go until I fully understand it all 100% (otherwise the memory might pop up again “in new shoes”) and this it still hard since it was my own unability to resist the force of other people that caused the trauma….

  16. The key is letting go of those feelings of weakness and that crazy idea you should suffer! Stop at bullshit, you are an awesome person and suffering hurts for no good reason what-so-ever unless you like it. I suggest forgiving yourself and start loving yourself because I think you are a GREAT PERSON!

  17. The key is to have my belief system and knowing how to make the changes quickly. You are too attached to the event and yes you are attached to the feelings of guilt. I change the real deal…what you are doing inside yourself. The image, feelings, sounds, judgements and other unhealthy attitudes.

  18. My trauma also involves strong feelings of guilt and shame which makes it hard to feel I deserve to get over it, it seems only fair that I should suffer due to my weakness in the traumatic situation that occured. However, Mr Smith’s videos have really helped me to survive this far…

  19. I had a severe trauma five months ago and have been tapping for hours every day ever since. It has helped a lot, but the tapping still triggers me to cry. Is the trauma so big that it requires this long period of tapping until one day there are no more tears? I wonder how some people on these videos seem to get over their problem within minutes or hours…but then again, tapping on myself might be less effective than having a professional doing it…

  20. I tapped along and bawled my eyes out when it got to the point where I gave my love to the battered and abused little 6 year old boy I was, and gave him a Hug…I collapsed, sobbing I haven’t cried since I was 10, and that was a long , long time ago…….Thank you Robert…

    With Love, and Light


  21. Amazing! Years of suffering gone in less than 10 minutes. We can all be free with this, what-ever the pain we suffer. Thank you both.

  22. I want to try this for a similiar experience. I’m scared but willing to try. Thank you and this lovely lady for being so forthcoming.

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