3/5 Derren Brown Investigates – The Man Who Contacts The Dead (Cold Reading)

Derren Brown takes off around the globe to uncover some extraordinary supernatural and psychic claims. He starts in Liverpool, meeting Joe Power, who claims the ability of communicating with the dead, including John Lennon. In this episode, Joe comes face to face with Derren’s discerning eye. This isnot mine (belongs to Channel 4)… Just for “fair use” to bring this important message to you! “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”
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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. 0:35 wat

  2. just another “average Joe”, trying to prove a lie.

  3. @chrisofnottingham Sounds like some faggot 12 year old is asspained because no one gives a shit what they have to say.

  4. I absolutely don’t believe that guy… Derren Brown forever… at least he’s not acting like he’s some god… He’s great!

  5. @chrisofnottingham
    Preach the truth!!

  6. @sylviabombs15 OMG

  7. the blame game DA DA DAAAA ! 🙂

  8. @chrisofnottingham ok chris

  9. @wallymeldrum Since it is not generally allowed to have more than one religion, Pascals wager leads to following the one religion with the worst punishment. This alone should tell you that it is rubbish. The fact that you can’t decide your beliefs (as distinct from deducing them) should tell you it is complete and utter rubbish.

  10. @chrisofnottingham chill out dude. i think you should read about pascals wager.

  11. Its like watching an actual ferrari (derren) and a kit car that just looks like a ferrari in a drag race. We all know which one will win obviously

  12. @chrisofnottingham not should, can, if you choose to do so.

  13. @Corpucle I do understand that just because Mediumship doesnt work it doesnt mean there is no afterlife, and that just because an African child never called me it doesn’t mean its not there.

    But the difference is that there is plenty of other supporting evidence that Africa and children exist. To believe in something for which there is absolutely no valid supporting evidence means you should believe in every arbitrary thing conceivable unless it could be disproved.

  14. @chrisofnottingham i told you, i dont believe it. But i would never say there is no way there is an Afterlife.mAnd you just dont get it, just because Mediumship doesnt work doesnt mean there is no afterlife. Mediumship not working is in no way a proof. Just because a african child never called me doesnt mean its not there 😉

  15. @Corpucle ” the problem here is, flying you could prove, a life after death not”

    You could easily prove it if mediums could do what they say they can.

    Either way, what you have said is that even though there is no valid evidence for something to exist, and despite for that thing to be true the whole universe would have to operate on completely different principals to what is currently supported by overwhelming evidence, you have decided to believe it anyway. Why would you do that?

  16. @chrisofnottingham the problem here is, flying you could prove, a life after death not. Just because Mediumship doesnt work, doesnt mean there is nothing. And you cant prove it either, i could know what axe you used but wouldnt be able to contact you 😉

  17. @Corpucle Sigh… If someone makes an extraordinary claim, like being able to fly by flapping their arms, then the burden of proof lies with them to demonstrate that they can do it, not with me to show that they can’t. In the mean time no sane person would believe such a claim.

    Similarly, life after death is an extraordinary claim which flys in the face of everything we already do know. Given that there is zero reliable evidence for it,, there is just no reason to believe it happens.

  18. @chrisofnottingham i dont believe there is an afterlife, but you cant prove anything and that you think you know everything shows only one thing, youre arrogant and ignorant

  19. @chrisofnottingham Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up.

  20. @acountddd These are old comments. The YouTube comment box went through a phase where it didn’t format paragraphs properly because it deleted any totally empty lines. One way to get something like a blank line was to only have a “.”

  21. @chrisofnottingham Just out of curiousity why do you put a . in between paragraphs?


    Like that.

  22. My parents believed in psychichs while I was growing up and it scarred me emotionally.

  23. Richard Wiseman and Derren Brown, two masters of psychology and deception together wow

  24. Does Joe never blink? 🙂

  25. @chrisofnottingham Ha Ha! Good point, yet they will still continue to clutch onto the emotional ties that may end up choking them. They will still desperately attempt to exchange currency for redemption.

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