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12. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. pam this is very interesting i tryed to do it once b4 but because my fm pains in my neck & shoulders it hurts to much to tap any suggestions please

  2. i have bad constant pain worked ran bike i cant do anything keep tapping liar or you never had it cause that dont work i think people like you had a bad reaction to your meds when you take meds if you stop your whole body can hurt worse than when you started but will go away and im sure real fibro never will go away the more i do the worse i hurt untill they put me in the hospital. cause now my body is in shock and i had a heart attach tapping wow tell me more??????

  3. @mcertonio i agree ive have had it 25 years i worked when i went to work i would take a throw lay it on the floor where no one could see and laid down for 10 minutes then got back up acted like it was all ok but it wasnt and never will be. ive tried everything i rode my bike and loved to go out now i cant go shopping for more than half an hour i love shopping i would stay all day at the mall and park if i could now i go in and say well ill look at that stuff the next time liars im sure.

  4. Nice work.

  5. Nice work.

  6. If I TAP that ass the pain’ll go away! A bit of placebo lovin’ 😉

  7. I am a recovered fibromyalgic who left the medical profession to discover the cause and cure for this horrific disease after 15 years of failed treatments. I understand this illness completely from the inside and back out again. Symptoms are often mistaken as a cause and what can help does not cure. Please, do not give up and keep going. See my You Tube video “Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia – Choosing What Works” and my best wishes to you all!!!

  8. I am a recovered fibromyalgic who left the care of the medical profession to discover the cause and cure of this horrific condition without drugs, and am living proof you can cure this and take back your life. Symptoms are mistaken for the cause and treatments that help do not cure. Please, do not be discouraged by failed hope and keep going!!!
    Valerie Lumley, Recovered Fibromyalgic and author of
    “Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia – Choosing What Works”

    Still in pain yes. YES $3500 to EFT, What more do you want?

  10. @MsChevyKat Your negativity is most innacurately aimed .
    EFT is extremely effective.

  11. @mcertonio I appreciatte that you want to keep people from false hope HOWEVER when someone is told they have fibromyalgia it is definately not the same thing as when someone else is told they have it — EFT has healed people of problems that were called fibromalgia .
    Anyway I truly hope you find something or someone that sorts you out at least somewhat and hopefully totally .
    Have you tried raw food ?

  12. You are like everyone else that has no IDEA ABOUT PAIN! PLease TAP AWAY DO not SAY CURE! True FIBRO HELL Is (I will simplify for you) BRAIN sends wrong responses to Body! FIBRO pain is different, Enduring, Constant! NO tapping could help! YES! I tried DIET, Miracle cures, Tapping, Acupunctured,PAIN screams from your brain to your toes 24 hours A day Even in your sleep. I waKe every 2 hours! SAY NO to magic Artificial HOPE for someone that TRIES ALL to be disappointed again!

  13. how do u tap your pain awaya???

  14. I do understand your skepticism but proof is in the results. These are real stories and real people. Believe it or not, it is 100% true. Good luck with your current beliefs. I too was a skeptic. Many people believed the earth was flat at one time and killed others because they thought it was round. Less than 100 years ago they laughed at the idea that there were germs too. Peace and happy thoughts will heal will transform your life…

  15. The song “born in the wagon of a traveling show” phrase ‘snake oil salesman both come to mind.
    Frame of mind helps any pain but this is most helpful to the one raking in the dollars

  16. EFT is overhyped bullshit..it’s just a religion now, and as with religion faith is more important than any ‘truth’ in the religion..placeb effect…!

  17. Most people who have fibro have had some kind of phsyical shock /trauma to their body.(i also ahd a car accident) i am surprised no doctor told you that beucae that is common knowledge)Also more women then men ahve it and many women who have had sexual or physical abuse in the past have it. which , to me shows that memories are held in muscle or tissue etc. and with enrgy worketc. can be released. gald u r better.

  18. We tapped on my daughter’s headache today and poof! Gone. I can’t wait to share this with the pain sufferers I meet. Thank you!

  19. Tapping is a simple process that releases stress and emotions. It is effective and tranformational.

  20. what are you taking about tapping?

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