44 #1. Death of Son Grief & Loss

Heal your heart and honor the relationship

19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @Pun4422
    You aim within yourself and then focus on the tapping. You are shifting your physical and mental representations of how you create your problems.

  2. Robert what is the point of the tapping?? I imagine it would be hard to focus while your doing that.

  3. @Txshizzle

    I believe your son is happy & is at peace right now. He came to bless your life with many good gifts. You are choosing to be in pain & to suffer with the loss part. I honor my grandmother, father, & pets with good memories along with good feelings. I have no pain or regret but only love. The dishonor is what we are doing to ourselves. I know a lot about grief, loss & recovery but I am also very honest and to the point. With much love & understanding. Robert

  4. @mosszaphod Lets hope he doesn’t release any more videos.. but we all know he will. After all its all about the almighty dollar. It’s exploitation at it’s finest, exploiting grieving parents to make money. You haven’t lost a child ” Healing Magic” you haven’t got a clue. Even your user name tells it all. Their is no ” MAGIC” to healing. It takes time and effort to work through your pain. Something you will never understand

  5. @joannwebb1 Thank you Joan, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  6. @zenknown I agree, this is ugly. I would never want to be hypnotized to have distorted memories of my son, and of my loss. Pain is a part of grief. If you can’t ” FEEL” the loss, you can’t recover from it. It’s as if with your hypnosis you are robbing Mother’s of the right to grieve over something so special… their children. MY CHILD. My healing is in God’s hands. Just as my son is. Not some hypno trixter

  7. @HealingMagic Wow… what a cruel thing to say. To actually say I am dishonoring my son by grieving his loss? You have alot to learn about loss, grief , and recovery. To say to a Mother because she suffers the pain of losing her child is dishonoring him is callous and cold hearted. I DEFINATELY HONOR my son’s memory. He was a wonderful human being. That doesn’t mean I don’t also feel the pain of not having him here with me

  8. @Txshizzle

    Well I think the pain should not be more important as the good gifts they left for us to honor them with but some people choose to dishonor those loved ones by suffering when they think or hear the name or the lost one. When I think of those who had died I feel really good and so lucky to have them within my heart and soul with all the good memories. Others choose to suffer which is not a good way to honor those who moved on but we should move on too. With love Robert

  9. I don’t think zenknown actually knows anything about zen. I’m going to tap now because your disgusting negative attitude has triggered me. Although, I should probably be more compassionate – your self righteous ‘zen’ ego has you hook, line and sinker. I forgive myself for projecting you for you are just another part of my unhealed mind. Robert you are a gift and I thank you for this amazing work if only you knew the impact you have xxx

  10. I lost my son 4 and a half months ago. I know what this Mother is feeling. The bond between Mother and Child is stronger than anything in the world. Losing your child you lose a piece of yourself and they are always on your mind. I have to say that nothing like this could ever take away my pain.

  11. Internet-War
    The Newest Trend:)

    change your anger into happiness:)

  12. Seriously, sheep?

  13. “Shame on you for not helping or even healing your own pains”…LOL!..save it for the sheep my friend. Must be nice to be at peace. Seriously, go your way and do no harm. Who am I to judge? The kid example should be removed. IMO. But because I KNOW your personality type I know it won’t be. No sense arguing. It is no help to your “image”. LOL!

  14. The only sleaze is you and your shameful attitude about not to helping heal people who need it. So your belief that if your child dies you should suffer and be tormented forever and never change it. Shame on you for not helping or even healing your own pains. Watch my other videos on grief and loss then you discover I am very compassionate, caring with a good heart… YOU need peace. Robert

  15. any relief is temporary. This is simple hypnosis. If you can stop someone form smoking,drug use,or positive reinforcement that’s different. Dead kids a is sleazy thing to do. People are desperate and you know it. SHAME!

  16. If you have not noticed all these videos are 100% free to watch and learn for free……but your issue and tortured beliefs keeps you trapped with cruel attitudes toward others who are helping people to get free. I suggest letting go and do something outside your pain…forgive and love what you feared…..

  17. REally? Then start training armies of people to do the same of course at no charge. Hell u could cure all suffering. You could do create a harmonized world. Talk to that poor lady you tortured lately? It’s a parlor trick and a cruel one at that.

  18. It is not true… Depends on the person and how skilled they are… I know what I am doing….

  19. Chils loss should NOT be treatted with Hypnosis. At best it’s temporary.

  20. I will say this about grieving. Some believe that if you grieve their death then you love them. I believe if you recall those who have passed & you feel bad it dishonors all the good experiences & loving gifts they left us inside our hearts. Grief hurts those who do it & changes nothing. I know most people do not believe it can be changed because most of the world including therapists do not know how to creating healing fast. Believing you will always suffer is not a good & will kill you.

  21. Here are the keys to where the grief will never come back.
    1. Go to the memories of how you found out or what happened & tap way the hurts, expressions & all negative emotions.
    2. Change the meaning to each event to where it is positive.
    3. Have this understanding. We all die & death is the gift to those who receive it! It is apart of life.
    4. Those who have passed are doing great because they are free.
    5. They never left you because they are inside you with many healing memories.

  22. Interesting concept getting SLAMMED with grief? Grief is ourself making US feel bad by looking at images or memories to self torment with guilt, loneliness, hurt, regret, and to punish ourself with the “What Ifs” or the “Whys” and not letting go of those this way of thinking, When we are accepting the fact that they (those who have graduated, died, or moved on) are now Safe and are OK but it really is all about YOUR ability to torment yourself. Be nice to yourself & tap away the painful stuff.

  23. Like you I too – begin each day with the intention of having love, peace and hope in my life. I too have gratitude for my blessings. Then sometimes I just get SLAMMED with grief.
    EFT is a tool that I use to cope at the times I am not coping well. Robert may disagree with me, but I don’t view this as miracle cure. I think for some tragedies we have to return to the tools over and over again in order to be “OK”. EFT is one of those tools. My ♥ is with you 🙂

  24. If I could please say something here to Joann. I too lost a child of mine. I lost 3 of my children. Not that losing 3 makes it “worse”. Each of their deaths impacted my world. I can see the raw grief and pain in this moms face. I doubt very much that her time with Robert was the only time she had to use EFT to continue her healing. I would bet she returns to it many times. I have my moments of the pure joy of knowing my children are OK and then I have my moments of DEEP pain & sorrow ( con’t )

  25. (Part 2) I begin each day with the intention of having love, peace and hope in my life. I have gratitude for my blessings. I reach out to others and use my life as an instrument of kindness, understanding, love and hope. Still that deep hole is in my soul because Krystal is dead. She was bringing her 1 year twin sons home from the doctor when a drunk driver killed her. 2 little boys lost their Mom, Joe lost his wife, I lost my daughter. I have a good life but love and miss her with each breath

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