47/100 Releasing Negative Emotion and Limiting Beliefs

I Learned NLP techniques to release (the build-up of) negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs (decisions)
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28. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Hi Susan,
    I will definitely check out your blog. How do I do that? I am a real YouTube newby (as you can tell by my videos). As I mentioned in my comment to you, we have much in common, so I am interested in following your revelation.
    – Sue

  2. Hi. I love your terminology “100 day revelation”. That really does change the focus on what we are doing within that time. I have been watching the videos but unfortunatley can only post my journey by blog which I hope you will read. It is giving me such a boost to be involved and change my thinking etc. Susan

  3. I’ve was aware of NLP before I knew that’s what it was called. It is an interesting study of how we create our lives. It’s very in line with the Law of Attraction. I teach aspects/forms of NLP in all of my workshops–without calling it that. It’s very cool.
    – Sue

  4. Thanks Lori-Lyn, I thought I had replied to your comment the other day, but it doesn’t seem to have gone through. I am becoming more aware of my language these days. I am a firm believer that what we say, the words we use, create our lives. Some find the word challenge motivating, so that’s okay. It all has to do with the meaning we individually associate with the word.
    BTW, I would miss you very much if you didn’t post videos.
    – Sue

  5. I have been fascinated with NLP for a long time, but especially since I started listening to Michael Neill on Hayhouse Radio.

  6. Sally, you are such a dear. Thank you for your kind comments. I would miss you very much if you would “go entirely.” Let’s make a pact. We will honour what we need to do regarding YouTube, so that we don’t get overwhelmed with it all and let go of it entirely. I know you’re in. So am I.
    Love you,
    – Sue

  7. sue you are so well spoken…i love listening to you explain things. JOURNEY! yes…that is exactly how i feel as well. glad you got so much out of your retreat. i have had to step back some also from being on youtube endlessly! but i have so many amazing friends here i couldn’t think of letting go entirely!

  8. The workshop sounds wonderful and I love the change from challenge to journey, etc. I’ve missed you and I’m glad to see you back – whenever and however you choose to be here.

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