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A Self-Empowerment hypnosis induction that you can practice on yourself or on your client.

27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is a wake up call for all our men.
    SFM is the new self empowering system specific for men.
    The true personal development for men.
    You want Results, We want Results, get results with SFM.

  2. Many thanks for this I was able to anchor myself. Nevertheless I have some difficulties recalling events from the past, I think I am a more present oriented person…. could you suggest an alternative anchor within this circumstance?

  3. i enjoyed that, hypnosis is working & starting to under very easy

  4. @Battery9876 Well, now you will remember that fart FOREVER…We each attract our own reality. Is that what you want to fill your life with dear? Farting? or do you deserve better in your life? My guess is that you can do far better, but that you are afraid of your own positive power. When you are ready to change this limiting belief, contact me.

  5. I farted exactly when I pressed my anchor lol.

  6. did’nt understand the Anchor bit?…..but you’re lovely voice works wonders!!!

    you’re amazing

    wish you’d talk me to sleep at night…….

  7. nice, i liked ))
    i could be more milton-model, but anyway fine!

  8. that was fantastic thank you .

  9. Happy Halloween – nice look

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