5/5 Derren Brown Investigates – The Man with X-Ray Eyes (Bronnikov)

Derren is accompanied by blind British woman Judy Dunk on his second journey into the world of the extraordinary.They travel to Holland to meet Vyacheslav Bronnikov, who claims to be able to teach the blind to psychically see again. This isnot mine (belongs to Channel 4)… Just for “fair use” to bring this important message to you! “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”

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  1. lol funny how people who have some sort of ability never demonstrate it under any situation other than the one they create themselves. i mean, how easy would it be to just look at whats in the box if he had this ability? why do they always refuse? why wouldnt they want to prove it rather than personal attacks?

  2. What a cock……. poor people wasting money they don’t have on false hopes.

  3. Not a very nice man, that Russian guy.

  4. he told Derren Brown he had no understanding of psychological human development….I LOL’D, Like if you LOL’D! hahahahaha

  5. no matter where we humans turn to, there are charlatans in every corner of the world. i just hope no matter what nationality, race or ethnic group, we can all be skeptical of these dickheads who want money, privilege, or power. Just think for a moment if this guy reminds us of anyone…. yep you guessed it. jesus, mohammad, bronnikov, whats the fucking difference

  6. Grrrreat job Derren! Exposing that awful liar!

  7. Derren Brown should have mind-tricked him into doing the demonstration and admit the whole thing is a fraud.

  8. ‘In Russia, box sees into you.’

  9. @lordvesel i was thinking the same thing. but by not fighting the guy, Derren makes him look even more ridiculous.

    in a sad way, the charlatan is right. even this bad publicity will probably help him with the idiots out there.

  10. People who are faced with an unsolvable problem are psychologically inclined to search for a solution anyway. Even false hope gives them relief from what would be a crushing realization. Those who grasp at straws, if they have a support group like other students, are likely to filter out information that contradicts the possibilities they imagine. They even disallow the evidence of their own experiences. This is an unconscious process.

  11. Placebo and wishful thinking, amirite?
    Damn fraud; exploitation with his bullshit.

  12. Even if you leave the techniques and everything out of it.. That man sits there telling Derren that he already was aware of himself before he was born.
    He also really tends to jump on the standard bandwagon of frauds, claiming that he is sientific and Derren is not.

  13. RUB YOUR HANDS TOGETHER AND FEEL THE ENERGY! What, friction? Now use this friction to heal your ailments! I’ve heard a lot in my time as a skeptic but this really takes the piss! Not to mention a lack of understanding of ELEMENTARY science. “We in the Soviet Union will do the science, you in the West carry on with your adverts!”

  14. I’m glad Derren has the self-control that he has. I very much doubt I would have been able to resist the urge to remove some of his teeth in a rather forceful manner.

  15. I’m a molecular oncologist and an advocate with a legal education in two countries. I’d love to be able to put this thief, this con artist, this fraud and his son into prison. I am very upset seeing scum like this prey upon an innocent young boy with CP telling him it is his fault he was born like that and he’s only using 55% of his brain. This guy is only using the lying unconscionable predatory cheater part of his brain. The humanity part is dead. UN supports this? I hope not!!!

  16. This guy says we are not scientists – I beg to differ. I saw zero convincing. All he did was to be aggressive and evasive, classic dodging guilty behavior. Notice how he avoids claims of healing or curing – because if he does that – he can be charged with fraud. Instead, he combines pseudo science with pseudo religion and then says nobody can understand. Well no shit sherlock.

  17. Bronnikov Test

    Bronnikov school exposed

  18. I wonder if the Bronnikov method allows him to project an anti-getting-shot-in-the-heart shield of psychic energy. I think that might be a useful talent for him to develop in light of being nothing more than an exploitative crook.

  19. “The results are there” LOL! WHERE?! it’s realy funny there are many people who thinks they can do something they actually DAMN can’t do…

    Derren thank you for this… and thank you uploader.

  20. Rub your hands and feel the ball of energy forming in between them, load of crap, i fail to understand how people can be lead so astray from reality to believe such crap, how one can ignore evidence that is right there in your face, Derren is so patient, i would have put him in his place without warning!

  21. Haha, that Ukrainian guy is a cunt.

  22. i wasnt aware the soviet union still existed….stupid russian….USAUSAUSAUSAUSA!

  23. Does this guy have any eye browns?

  24. Let him put on his blindfold and let me punch his face!seriously,like,right now!

  25. Leaving the box on the table was the icing on the cake for this interview. Each time the camera panned away during the interview I smirked with delight. Hahaha.

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