65. Headache & Speaking Fear — Faster EFT

www.fastereft.com Headaches are created and you can be free! Thisvideo demonstrates how you can help manage your health and help free yourself from pain and even weight issues. Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the skill that enables you to affect the Law of Attraction, The Secret. The truth is revealed by using the EFT tapping, which is 100% naturally effective. It is the easiest, fastest way to lose weight by reaching your ideal body weight with your mind. Learn why it’s so hard to give it up! The odds are stacked against you if you have limiting beliefs and mental programs installed from your life experiences. Learn the truth and gain freedom. http Start your day right with a positive dose of Faster EFT, Freedom at Your Fingertips. You can gain: • Self confidence • Personal power • Fulfillment • Success • Abundance • Inner peace • Gratitude • Joy • Dreams • Midas touch • Peace of mind • Freedom • Stress-free • Released anxiety • Financial freedom • How to have it all • Truth • Potential • Willpower • Life purpose • Life changing transformation • Goals • Motivation Learn to tap away problems with one of Robert’s user-friendly videos. You can relieve: • Depression • Fear • Pain • Trauma • Anger • Headache • Low self-esteem • Overwhelming problem • Debt • Dysfunctional relationship • Bad habit • Compulsion • Obsession • Addiction • Disease • Allergy Robert is a fast-paced, mind-expanding, motivational person. He will show you how you can set and achieve goals
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21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Very useful information….! thanks for upload this video…!

  2. isnt it called acupressure?

  3. You can try it and see what may happen..

  4. can you tap away acne

  5. This is sooo good! it is amazing something so simple is so very effective!

  6. bullshit

  7. Quick, shows the basic technique , highly effective. I’ll share this one. Thank you

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