81. Food Compulsion – Tap until you pass out!

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22. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is really speaking to me. So glad it was in my recommendations. I am going to try this.

  2. My sister tabused me every day of my young life, she abused her 3 kids constantly. I get that my sister was deeply hurt by our dad and so I feel sorry for her, but the fact remains that she destroyed 3 precious children one got into drugs & got murdered; other 2 ran away married/divorced 4 times in the past 20 yrs. I married a man just like my sis. I divorced. But now everyone is estranged and suffering and I am alone and angry. How can fast EFT help me to deal with this total family wreckage?

  3. What does T.A.P. stand for?

  4. This makes so much sense to me. I was thin until 7 grade. I almost doubled my weight that year. I can see now all the emotional trauma I had to deal with. Good place to start letting it go.

  5. I really like EFT. I have found it very gentle and effective.

  6. Great stuff as always Robert

    My 2 cents
    There is only one relationship that matters…..
    the one that we have with ourselves
    and everything in our world
    reflects back to us
    how healthy that relationship is

  7. Delo my experience has been the same. I feel rested and at peace after a five or ten min. session. EFT has not curbed my appetite but that may be I forget to do it. Procrastination being another of my failures.

  8. You use the tapping to curb your emotions/stress. Change the meaning to food.

  9. Not depressed but amused.

  10. I believe what he says-we have relationship with food to the point of obesity because we associate feelings of emotional comfort and acceptance with someone in our past, usually our childhoods I believe. In my case it’s my grandparents who I believe are the only people who not only loved me but loved me unconditionally. I sure hope EFT works to help me curb my appetite.

  11. that was kinda depressing, and when the guy thought of chocolate again, he looked depressed.

  12. Because, I think most people would think this technique “looks” and “sounds” silly, no matter HOW effective it is. And it IS effective, but looks and sounds silly. 🙂 Arum

  13. How can this sound silly? If you think about what he says, you realize instantly that it has to be exactly right. Forgive my dogma, but think about it. The reason people have this problem is feelings. Probably everyone out there has the problem to some degree, since everyone has feelings associated with food; but which feelings? Feelings are what make you crave the donuts in the first place. What do you feel when you think about the donut?

  14. This video, in comparison to others on YouTube, is extremely anomalous. It actually *tries* to help you. It doesn’t just tell you what you generally need to achieve, but it tells you how to do it. If that isn’t enough, it even is dead on in addressing exactly what the problem is. Relationships. People, almost everyone, has a relationship with food, old relationships. Love, hate, content, scorn. Feelings. It goes almost to show that there may not be anything out there that works except for this.

  15. Robert is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel 90% better after one session. Cant wait for a second one!
    2 days after, i truly feel high on life. Not sweets and coffee for a change. Dont need them anymore! Im truly grateful!

  16. wonderful, just wonderful!

  17. Oh, by the way, EFT ROCKS!!!!! 🙂 Arum

  18. This guy has helped me so much. If only people would take a chance and belief in something that looks, and sounds so silly,yet is so effective, especially in the hands of an expert like this. I’m so happy I found out about eft, my life has changed so profoundly. 🙂 Arum

  19. Next week,I will be at my third session with Robert Smith through conference calls.The change I am experiencing is highly noticeable.What you see is what you get.Robert Smith is genuine, very gifted, authentic, devoted to assist people and believes in what he does in his heart. I highly recommend his services. People have already noticed a shift in me. After my first session, I felt so much lighter. One word to describe him, efficient. Do not hesitate,call him.

  20. Hi guys, It really works!!!! you do feel different. I first saw Robert’s video’s about a month ago & since then had some private phone sessions. Keep up the gr8 work helping people heal all over the world… even all the way in OZ!

  21. Nothing to buy just try it. Do it until it works for you!

  22. Robert, thanks for being on youtube… your videos have inspired me… the weight loss program is great… I lost 4 pounds the first week, just with metabolism booster!

  23. What a fu*kin’ scam!

    I hope people don’t buy this…

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