89. Feeling Bad for No Reason NLP Submodalities Faster EFT

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24. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Wonderful technique. Thank you. I need to do that for my disgusts.

  2. I want to believe in tapping, EFT, etc. but I’m still sceptical. I’m really stuck at the moment and cannot even really adequately describe it.
    I’m still looking for that a-ha moment, when things begin to fall into place but I still feel incredibly disconnected from other people and always have done.

    Any ideas how I can use tapping for liking people more? Thanks.

  3. A nice, quick change with submodalities. Thanks for the demo.

  4. LOL. I love the stories about helpless vegetables, and even though you like meat you do eat a lot of vegetables. G:-)

  5. First of all your memory has no power and it is adjustable. Your beliefs or fears may support not changing it but it is changeable. There are many ways to do it. Robert

  6. I don’t expect a response, but what if you (I) can not mentally do anything to the picture? For example I am a lucid dreaming expert, but everytime i realize i’m dreaming i’m in my childhood home (which brings pain) now it’s just annoying. I’ve tried to change the picture, but it refuses to loose color, even when i blow it back up it’s still there. when i try to think about “how do i know there is resistance to change it?” i can not think of a memory???

  7. What you have within, you will percieve and see outside. Important – clean what you have within and focus on what you want or are. Thank you, blessings to you too.

  8. We all think “must think positive.” thinking negative attracts more bad experiences.
    Your thoughts are your life.
    how ever the law is also “what you persist will resist”.
    You make sense Robert. Once you acknowledge the energy it will flow out and not stuck in you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge for free. every one can easily understand you.

    May the universe bless you with all your desires.

  9. I understand this Guy From the States Better > than the other guy from ~England > And i Live in uk.
    US Video clip is Like 2 Hours :HDEF:LOL:WideScreen: ok 9:18
    And The guy From uk is SVCD : 2 mins >
    With a guy with asthma in the back.
    Uk we got a long way to go.
    but the intention is there.LOL.

  10. Thank you! I am honored to be apart of your transformation! News videos are coming soon. Peace and Love is sent your way! Robert

  11. Thank you so much! I LOVE all your videos. There great, and help me to understand so much. I am always on my toes waiting to see when another will be posted. Thank you again for your enthusiasem and generosity in sharing these videos and your Quick tap method

  12. Continue until absolute transformation, don’t stop until it is peaceful or completely change to a positive. You will benefit greatly from it. Peace Robert

  13. It is still there but has decreased in intensity

  14. If the memory is inside of you then it is inside so you must change it completely to where it is good. Putting a wall in front of it only means its inside with a wall there. Must check to see if they cannot bring it back. If they can’t then it is gone. Pictures have no power.

  15. what happens if you cannot adjust the color or move it away from you because it is stuck to your hands, but through some EFT tapping they are able to let it go, but then put a wall up between them and the Picture? Is that good or bad?

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