A Look at NLP Training

A Look at NLP Training

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming was introduced in California around the circa of 1970’s.  But its roots can be traced back from the studies conducted by philosopher Gregory Bateson who is also an anthropologist and Noam Chomsky who is a linguist.  NLP evolved into therapy during the ‘70s with the teaming up of a professor and a graduate student.  They formulated the first set of NLP training courses after intensive observation and consultation with other therapists.  Those generated training courses still have a great influence on the modern NLP courses given today no matter who is the one giving them.

From these beginnings, NLP has taken many paths but with one mind set – to improve the individuals’ personality through improving behavior pattern and influence others by doing so.  Many organizations are offering NLP courses that continue to recommend positive behavior on the individual taking the course.

During the training, a coach is assigned to an individual (mostly one on one approach is used but there are companies that work in groups) to help determine the goal he wants to achieve by taking the NLP training programs.  Once the goal was set, other pertinent information will be asked from the participant to fully utilize the program to the participant’s full advantage.  The coach from this program plays a vital part in breaking or making an individual.  The whole gravity of the program lies within the coach that is why the preferred coach is someone who completely grasps the essence of the program by completing the program himself and has been motivated beyond motivation to help an individual through the program as it helped him.

NLP training can transform people’s lives, no doubt, as attested by numerous people who have tried the program and became coaches themselves.  However, one NLP coach said that NLP is a powerful tool in supporting life’s major turn and has suggested making careful consideration before venturing deep into the program.  He suggested to take into consideration the fitting of the goal set by the participant to his life and his family, to his mission and the things he believes in. It is also important to accept the changes to be able to achieve what he wants and to learn the means to pursue it. Lastly, it is important to determine if that is really what he wants or it is just peer pressure.
NLP training courses are no doubt here to stay. Whether one decides to take the course or not, he should have proper planning before taking further steps, just like with any endeavor in life.

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