A Simple Meditation Technique with Breathwork and Movement

www.nongard.net An exerpt from the Global Hypnosis Summit 2009. Richard Nongard teaching various meditation techniques.

06. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. XDD I almost fell into trance from just the breathing at the beginning. Methinks I’m conditioned well. XD

  2. don´t breath through the mouth. Whatfore do you have a nose?

  3. Hi Rrichard hope you are well. As always great content and lets remember now, you give this content FREE so lets now rate, and send this video on!

  4. I felt tired when I did it. I felt relaxed but I only felt positive and happy (basically high) for a few seconds.

  5. Thank you for these techniques. I’ve meditated for years, and this morning I just wanted something different. My time with Jack Canfield this weekend reminded me to do my meditation every day! To give a little plug to hypnotic therapy, I know a few folks who have gotten rid of smoking cigarettes with hypnosis. Yay!

  6. thanks for the advice

  7. Worked real good. Thanks.

  8. great job Richard!, you always make me so relaxed.

  9. Nice, thanks!!

  10. Great job again Richard!

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  12. BLAST!

  13. not anymore rofl rofl

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