Advanced techniques of NLP Series II.

Building on the skills you have already learned, the techniques Richard Bandler and John La Valle will teach you at the MAT II will be new additions to your NLP toolbox. They will help you become an even more powerful communicator than ever before and will include elements of the following: * Mixed State Communication – speak directly to the unconscious and bypass the need to utilise trance in many situations. People often ask Richard how he manages to put people into trance so quickly when he demonstrates on them. As he says: “That’s because I have already put them into trance before they get on the stage. I check for unconscious responses in my people while I am talking to them and speak directly to their unconscious while their eyes are open. It’s like setting up finger signals with someone in a waking state. That’s part of why I’m so effective as a hypnotist.” * Utilisation of Hypnotic Phenomena – it’s all very well knowing how to create hypersthesia, amnesia, arm catalepsy, paralysis, positive and negative hallucination and other hypnotic phenomena. But how do you use them as a tool to create positive change in your client? Now you can learn how. * Age Regression – this can be a highly effective tool for making changes in people. Richard and John will explore age regression to help you to become an even more effective NLP Practitioner. * Non-Verbal Techniques of NLP – how to do NLP without saying a word. This neatly packaged 3 Day Mastering Advanced Techniques of NLP

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