Aldous Huxley Visionary 1958 Interview with Mike Wallace 1 of 2 [HD]

This utterly fascinating archive of a 1958 Mike Wallace Interview with Aldous Huxley is more revealing about our current state of affairs in the USA than ever before. Huxley had just written Enemies of Freedom and it became the focus of the discussion. Wallace and Huxley discussed such topics as overpopulation, the growing impersonalization of human affairs, propaganda, mind-controlling drugs, and various prescriptions for these problems. In this video Huxley makes some very astute observations that are still very pertinent today, affirming him as a very capable futurologist and one of the great minds of the 20th Century. This was taped at the height of the Cold War, when it wasn’t at all clear as to whether the United States or Soviet Union would win the battle of minds. Huxley was making the case that freedom was in peril and that there were two primary forces working against the United States at the time: accelerating impersonalization and technological advancements. In particular, he saw overpopulation as a disaster in waiting. Huxley argued that growing populations would place undue pressure on existing resources, which would in turn force central governments to exert more control. It would also lead to increased social unrest — something Huxley believed would play into the hands of totalitarian regimes. Sound like today? Yipes… Huxley also warned about what he called ‘over-organization.’ As technology becomes more complicated, he said, it becomes necessary to

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  1. Mr Huxley had intelligence and the pseudo-enlightenment that comes from the use of psychedelic and psychotropic drugs. He saw many things that are true and half-true and some that were false. Like Krishnamurti, he was a seeker who never found. But he’s worth listening to.

  2. I remember reading somewhere Huxley, Krishnamurti, Christopher Isherwood and Greta Garbo got busted in LA going for a picnic in a closed area of a state park. Great company I bet. This clip is a valuable resource in these creepy-crawly, fascist days…

  3. Watch the documentary by Clifford Carnicom called “Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition” – that’s a 1999 global effort to spray us and this is the primary effort based on the technology they are keeping from us. Watch it, don’t argue with me.

  4. @ahamatmabrahman I can’t argue that the elites are holding technology from us your certainly are correct about that

  5. I can tell who’s out of balance in here> Can you?

  6. @zorgono there is no overpopulation , read my comment above where I have given the maths

  7. @covellz Maths shows that over population is a lie eg Australia measures 2.97 thousand sq miles or nearly 8 billion quarter achre plots 1 quarter achre is plenty for 1 person to grow more than enough food. see video Greening the Dessrt to see one example of how technology is being witheld from the people

  8. @PilgrimLad Sure now is fine but in say 40-50 years it may reach a breaking point and once that happens we will DEFINITELY be stripped of our rights, The elites will be given the food and water we will be second hand.

  9. @PilgrimLad Don’t EVER let the rule of law (via what humans have contrived in “natural laws”) control your mind of beliefs. Nature does not violate her laws.


  10. @covellz We are in unity if we agree to always stand up for human rights regardless of age, nationality, race, religion or political belief.

  11. @PilgrimLad Okay, okay, you’re afraid of POWER and the elite. I feel ya!

    We are gravely disadvantaged if we keep forgetting the truth about who we are. It’s like we have a genetic trigger to hate unity.

  12. @covellz I agree, we are out of control. But I do not fear increasing population I fear govt’s that are increasing their control over the populous. Even in India there are wide open spaces to live and grow food. Increasing population is not a problem the problem is total control over people.

  13. @PilgrimLad I’m not saying we’re overpopulated NOW, but if we don’t do something we WILL BE.

    You have a good viewpoint that I appreciate, but you gotta see that we’re out of control overpopulating out of balance with nature and on a course to destruction if we don’t change to “something” else.

  14. @zorgono At the risk of being redundant, there is enough food. People starve because of govt’s seeking power and what better way to demonstrate your power over people than to withhold food. World banks also starve people by implementing Keynesian economics which caused hyper inflation. Overpopulation claims are an excuse to murder people. And if it happens to a nation with people with brown or yellow skin why would Americans care⸮ I am being consistent. Unalienable human right for ever human!

  15. @PilgrimLad and you are being redundant, tell me good lad in a society of 25 billion when the food starts to run out will you nobly except that some one else is given food and you are not? Is it not better to depopulate ethically rather than through war and famine and human cruelty?

  16. @zorgono Your ad hominem is a classic logical fallacy.

  17. @PilgrimLad your living in a dream land

  18. @PilgrimLad
    Besides the UN which is pushing the overpopulation hype admits its will peak at 9 billion sometime in 2050 and plateau from there.
    Also is everyone is so concerned about overpopulation the real solution would be bringing the 3rd world out of poverty which then lowers the birth rate of any nation. But no the elite dont want more competition with other elites around the world so they will just use Abortion, eugenics. euthanasia, infanticide & genocide as u said.

  19. @covellz Overpopulation is the lie. We can feed, clothe and house everyone but it’s not done because of politics, power, govt’s, warlords, UN or whatever. Huxley rightly saw that we would move toward a world govt’ & total control over people by removing morality. Belief in overpopulation is a slippery slope that leads from abortion to euthanasia to infanticide and finally genocide. Not necessarily in that order but they are all murder endorsed by bad men. I will always be a voice for humanity.

  20. @covellz Overpopulation is the lie. We have the resources to feed, clothe and house everyone. The reason we can’t is because of control over any given population, be it by a govt’ or warlord or UN or whatever. Which is what Huxley said was going to happen. Even though he was right about some things his low view of human life in the name of reducing overpopulation is a slippery slope which leads to population control. eg. Abortion, euthanasia, infanticide & genocide. I believe in human rights.

  21. @PilgrimLad If there were 100 billion people on Earth we would eventually go extinct without the resources to support our survival.

    I understand how overpopulation is a “belief,” but what exactly is the LIE you speak of?

  22. The belief that the world is overpopulated leads right minded people to endorse the murder of innocent people by way of abortion, euthanasia and infanticide. From there its a short step to genocide. Huxley taught the skin of the truth stuffed with a lie which is a whole lie.

  23. Your interpretation doesn’t equate to fact. I’ll leave it at that.

  24. @ronrutherford lol…he only envisioned it because thats how he desires the world to be, hes an elite eugenicist right up there with all the sick fucks, they make us read this shit in school, for mind control to implant those ideas in your head. sheesh, the ways people interpret things these days just ticks me.

  25. this guy was TAVISTOCK UNESCO FUNDED… dude was one of the sickest/slickest motherfuckers.. talking about scientific dictatorships.. those book he wrote were science fiction .. they were bragging about what was already happening.. this guy is a piece of shit

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